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Rajasthan’s Disturbing Reality: An Alarming Trend of Crimes Against Women

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The Congress-ruled Rajasthan’s disturbing reality displays a troubling pattern that is sending shockwaves through its society. The alarming trend of crimes against women has made people rise against the administration. They demand swift justice and prompt urgent calls for change. The state, known for its vibrant culture and heritage, now grapples with this deeply unsettling issue regarding women’s safety. Recent tragic incidents shed light on the grim reality that the dignity of women and girls in the state is no longer secure. 

The Papar Village Tragedy: A Woman Burnt to Death  

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Recently, a horrifying incident unfolded in Papar village, Kanota Thana, where locals stumbled upon the charred remains of a woman. Alarmed by the gruesome sight, they promptly alerted the police, who swiftly launched an investigation into the matter. The victim, believed to be around 25 years old, now awaits justice as authorities work tirelessly to uncover the truth. While the investigation is ongoing, the suspicion lingers that the woman may have been brutally assaulted and subsequently burned to obliterate her identity. The incident near the state capital, Jaipur, highlights low standards of women’s safety in Rajasthan.

The Bhilwara Horror: A Young Life Cut Short

Bhilwara rape-murder case: Teen girl was burnt alive, say police in charge sheet- The New Indian Express
PC The New Indian Express

Earlier in July 2023, Bhilwara was rocked by the tragic death of a 14-year-old girl. The incident had left a community in mourning and a nation in outrage. Her burnt remains were discovered in a brick kiln, an unimaginably grim scene that bore witness to a horrifying crime. The young girl had ventured out with her mother to graze goats, a routine task turned into a nightmare. Separated from her mother, she vanished without a trace.

Desperate to locate their missing daughter, the family and villagers embarked on a relentless search that stretched through the night.

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Their relentless efforts ultimately led to the heart-wrenching discovery of her remains, surrounded by the still-burning remnants of her life. Among the grisly findings were bones, a silver anklet, and shoes.

Careless Congress: Community Demands for Accountability

The horrifying incidents are triggering a wave of anger and grief within the local community in Rajasthan. The locals are demanding justice from the Congress administration. As the state elections are to begin soon, the incident has resulted in heightened political tensions. The upcoming elections in Rajasthan have further intensified the political sparring between BJP and Congress in the state. CM Ashok Gehlot and his administration are facing strident criticism over a rising trend of crimes against women and girls in the state.

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Under Congress rule, Rajasthan has repeatedly witnessed a series of crimes against women and girls. Thus, the state suffers under the dark shadow of a lackadaisical attitude towards women’s safety. The recent death of the 25-year-old woman has raised serious questions about law enforcement, public safety, and the need for comprehensive measures to protect women from such horrors. It has also led many to question the competency of CM Ashok Gehlot and the Congress government. 

Rajasthan's Dark Day: Dalit Woman Raped and Acid-Attacked in Karauli, Body Found in Well
PC Since Independence

In July, a girl in Karauli was shot, attacked with acid, and thrown into a well, allegedly with no prompt police response. Just days later in Jodhpur, another 17-year-old girl was reportedly gang-raped on a JNVU university campus, adding to the growing list of horrifying crimes against women and girls in the state.

Urgent Reform for a Safer Rajasthan

The tragic history of crimes against women in Rajasthan highlights an urgent need for reform. The Congress-ruled state needs decisive action to ensure the safety and dignity of women and girls. These incidents reveal an alarming trend and should serve as a collective wake-up call for society, law enforcement agencies, and political leaders to prioritize women’s safety. However, whether people think that Congress and CM Ashok Gehlot are capable of taking action against such crimes is a question that only the upcoming Rajasthan state elections can answer. The people of Rajasthan need to hold the current government and the local security forces accountable for the slack in women’s security. May the people realize the need for reform in society and the government to ensure a safer future for Rajasthan’s women and girls.

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