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Is Mamta Didi Protecting Human Traffickers In The Latest Rape-Murder Case In West Bengal?

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In a horrifying turn of events, a gruesome crime shook the community to its core in Gobindapur, Swaranpur, West Bengal, on Tuesday, September 26. Locals discovered the charred remains of Somayya Akhtar Briahti. It was a ghastly scene that has left the nation shocked and outraged.

Somayya Akhtar Briahti, originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh, had come to India to work at a beauty parlor in bustling Mumbai. Her dreams and aspirations tragically ended in a violent act that has sent shockwaves through the region.

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The Discovery

Locals who had ventured out to pluck flowers in the nearby field made the discovery of her partially burnt body. They encountered a horrifying tableau. The victim’s hands were cruelly bound to a stick with ropes, a scarf obscured her face and her body was set ablaze. It defies comprehension.

The incident stirred social media when a disturbing video of the victim’s charred remains went viral. Somayya Akhtar Briahti‘s lifeless body lay in a pool of blood, smoke billowing from her face. It had become an unrecognizable, charred mass.

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Local Action

Local authorities swiftly responded to the shocking discovery, dispatching police to the crime scene. The police sent the victim’s body for a thorough autopsy to gather crucial evidence and establish the circumstances surrounding her horrific death.

The police conducted a thorough investigation that resulted in the arrest of a suspect identified as Nasher Mills. Mills reportedly confessed to brutally murdering Somayya Akhtar Briahti.

This sheds light on the gruesome circumstances of the crime.

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Human Trafficking

The tragic incident has cast fear and insecurity over the local residents of Swaranpur. Questions arise about the motive behind this heinous act and whether it could have any links to organized criminal activities, such as human trafficking.

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In response to the tragedy, Amit Malviya, a spokesperson for the Bharatiya Janata Party, took to social media to express concerns about the state of law and order in West Bengal. He questioned the silence of Mamata Banerjee in the face of such a horrifying crime. Malviya raised the possibility of criminals allegedly patronized by the Trinamool Congress being involved.

Malviya’s remarks also extended to the broader political landscape, questioning whether Rahul Gandhi and the opposition would condemn the incident and demand accountability from the state government.

Somayya Akhtar Briahti’s tragic death serves as a stark reminder of the importance of ensuring the safety and security of all individuals. It is imperative that justice swiftly and comprehensively serves to bring solace to her grieving family.

As the investigation unfolds, the nation watches with bated breath.

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