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Maneka Gandhi’s Cow Politics Suffers ISKCON’s 100 Cr Suit Backlash 

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Maneka Gandhi, a Member of Parliament from Sultanpur, has been an outspoken advocate for animal protection. Recently, she made unfounded allegations against ISKCON, the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. In public statements, Maneka Gandhi alleges that ISKCON mistreats cows. Moreover, she accuses them to be probably involved in a trade of calves & bulls to butchers. Consequently, these accusations have resulted in a disastrous suit filed by ISKCON against Maneka Gandhi worth ₹ 100 Crore. 

Maneka Gandhi’s Political Beginnings

How Varun and Maneka Gandhi became irrelevant in the BJP
PC India Today

Maneka Gandhi has a history of advocating for animal protection. Most Indians remember this Gandhi-parivar bahu for her active role in PETA. The people of India know her as that Nehru-Gandhi daughter-in-law who was sidelined by the dynastic Congress party. Firm in her beliefs as the true heir to J.L. Nehru’s throne in India she approached the BJP and their soft-hearted leaders for protection and political progress.

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Maneka Gandhi owes her entire political career to Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee and BJP. The party has helped her by allowing her to contest from a BJP stronghold of Pilibhit and later Sultanpur. Even her son, Feroze Varun Gandhi, was practically accepted into the folds of BJP. Currently, this other scion of the Gandhi family is the BJP’s MP from Pilibhit.

Maneka Gandhi’s Cow Politics: An Attempt to Regain Popularity

Maneka Gandhi: ISKCON sends Rs 100 crore defamation notice to BJP MP | India News - Times of India
PC Times of India

Recently, Maneka has accused ISKCON of using cows primarily for dairy production and selling calves and bulls for leather. In her statements, she specified that her visit to the Anantapur Gaushala in Andhra Pradesh revealed the true profiteering mindset of ISKCON.

She states that the misuse of cows in Gaushalas by ISKCON for milk production and the sale of calves or bulls to butchers has shaken her principles of animal protection.

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Maneka Gandhi’s allegations also focus on how ISKCON uses government schemes for ‘Gaushala’ to hide their true profit-making system. She has directly challenged ISKCON’s commitment to cow welfare and protection.

Implications of Maneka Sanjay Gandhi’s Accusations

The implications of Maneka Sanjay Gandhi’s Cow Politics are significant, both for ISKCON and the broader context of cow protection in India:

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  1. ISKCON’s Reputation: ISKCON has a global presence and is recognized for its vegetarian principles and dedication to cow protection. Gandhi’s allegations tarnish ISKCON’s reputation and credibility. It allows powerful entities to question the practices of the organization and its followers or supporters.
  2. Impact on Cow Welfare: Cow protection is a deeply rooted cultural and religious practice in India. Gandhi’s allegations may divert attention from genuine concerns about cow welfare. Her selfish attempt at ‘Cow Politics’ ensures that she gets undue attention for her political revival and public image. Therefore, her allegations hinder the efforts of all organizations that aim to deal with the real issues related to the well-being of cows in Bharat.
  3. Religious Sensitivities: Accusations related to religious practices, such as those made by Maneka Gandhi, can be highly sensitive and polarizing. They have the potential to defame Sanatana Dharma, Hinduism, and Krishna-Bhakts across the world. Thus, the statements could provoke an emotional response that crosses the borders of Bharat.

ISKCON’s 100 Crore Defamation Suit

ISKCON Sends Rs.100 Cr Defamation Notice to Maneka Gandhi
PC PGurus

ISKCON has strongly refuted Menaka Gandhi’s allegations. They emphasize their commitment to cow protection and the welfare of cows as the followers of Gopal or Krishna. Moreover, they argue that their practices are in alignment with the principles of Krishna’s roop as a Cowherd. Therefore, the well-being of cows is central to ISKCON’s mission.

Thus, in response to Gandhi’s statements, ISKCON has taken legal recourse. They are filing a 100 crore defamation lawsuit against her. Maneka Gandhi is required to publicly apologize or face legal consequences for her statements. However, will the ‘Gandhi Elitist Mentality’ allow Maneka Sanjay Gandhi to apologize? Moreover, will her political career ever recover from this debacle? Only time will tell.  

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