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Hinduism-The Truly Glorious Faith

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What makes Hinduism-the truly glorious faith? Is it because of its appeal or her esoteric aura, let’s understand it

Hinduism, the oldest surviving organized major religion is truly a masterpiece of the Supreme Ultimate and human beings.

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Nobody knows truly about the origin of this beautiful religion, but archaeologists and scientists of religion argue that it dates back to the time of the Indus Valley Civilization.

Over the centuries, Hinduism has evolved, it has embraced mutiple ideas, sects and experiences of millions of people who have touched the bhumi of this holy land.

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But, then what makes Hinduism a truly glorious faith?

Tolerance- The Fountainhead of Our Faith

The very first that the various Hindu scriptures such as Vedas, Upanishads and the highly important Bhagvad Gita teaches is to cultivate the virtue of tolerance.

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Tolerance, in this context means the respect and belief in the peaceful co-existence of multiple points of view and ideas.

The ideas may not necessarily co-terminous and co-equal to each other, but the linchpin of such ideas is to cultivate the idea of a good and virtous life.

The central theme being, in this context-‘observation of Dharma’.

Dharma, here doesn’t mean religion or its practices, but to perform, diligently, one’s responsibility and duties in life.

It denotes an ethical code of conduct.

Ram Krishna Paramahansa, the guru of Swami Vivekananda and the priest of the Kali temple in Kalighat argues that Hinduism is based on this belief- ‘joto mot toto path’.

This makes Hinduism-the truly glorious faith.

Everybody is Welcome

In Hinduism, everybody is welcome, nobody is ostracised. You can be an atheist and still be a Hindu, how?

Consider the Charvaka school of Hindu philosophy.

It repudiates the authorities of the Vedas is considered to be a heterodox school of Hindu religious philosophy.

The Lingayat sect, too doesn’t consider the Vedas as the fountainhead of Hindu knowledge.

Similarly Dr Sam Harris, an acclaimed American academic and athiest is an avid practitioner of Yoga, how did that happen?

Whether you are a Muslim, Christian, Parsi doesn’t matter, you can practice Yoga, read the holy scriptures and even interpret it as one feels, provided it doesn’t undermine the foundational principles of Sanatan Dharma.

Non-Proselytizing by Nature

Another plus point of Hinduism is that it doesn’t force others to convert their ‘true faith’.

This is not seen in the Abrahamic religions, while Christianity does convert people by subtle surreptitious means, Islam does so by forcible means and frequently at the point of sword.

How do you think the great Persia ended up being Islamized in the 9th century?

Hinduism doesn’t ask you to mandatorily convert to this faith, if you like it you can convert or remain where you were, but Hinduism clearly demands that one should disturb others.

Hinduism clearly demands that one must not impose one’s beliefs on others by force.

This explains the global reach of the ISKCON movement in the world.

This makes Hinduism-the truly glorious faith.


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