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Unmasking Hypocrisy: Gyanvapi Dispute Exposes Double-Faced Liberals

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The ongoing Gyanvapi controversy has once again thrust religious tensions into the spotlight, dominating headlines. Instead of serving as an opportunity for cohesion and insight, it has turned into a battleground for conflicting beliefs. Advocates on the Hindu side claim to have discovered a revered Shivling within the Gyanvapi Masjid, accompanied by numerous symbols of Hindu heritage. Conversely, the Muslim faction contends that what is being referred to as the Shivling is nothing more than a decorative fountain.

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Diminishing the Importance of Mahadev

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Rather than merely dismissing the assertion of the Shivling’s presence, some individuals took it upon themselves to mock the faith of millions. They belittle the significance of Mahadev. To the surprise of many, these scoffers included not only common people but also esteemed professionals. This unexpected revelation paints a disheartening picture of the deceitful nature that seems to be pervasive. It is prevalent among those who label themselves as “Liberals.”

The actions of these self-proclaimed intellectuals epitomize the hypocrisy that appears to run rampant within this group.

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The “Open-Minded Liberal” Paradox

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These so-called Liberals are expected to uphold ideals of open-mindedness and inclusivity. They seem to have forgotten the lessons of history, from the Ayodhya dispute to the current Gyanvapi conflict. Their behavior is paradoxical: supporting one form of prejudice while ridiculing the faith of another. Unfortunately, anti-Hindu sentiment has become synonymous with their notion of liberalism.

A Regrettable Situation for India

India finds itself in an unfortunate situation where supposed “Liberals” are failing to live up to their label. Instead of championing causes that uplift society, these individuals appear intent on pushing a specific group into the mire of bias. It is done all under the banner of freedom. The advocacy for the hijab in schools serves as a prime example. While its proponents argue for acceptance, they must reconcile its role as a symbol of male dominance in certain contexts. If the veil is criticized as regressive, how can it symbolize progress when schoolgirls are encouraged to wear a burqa? The interplay between choice and freedom of dress is indeed thought-provoking.

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It’s crucial to acknowledge the stark contrast between Hinduism’s history of religious reform movements against societal issues and the absence of the same in Islam. The inconsistency on matters like triple talaq and hijab is glaring. In a secular nation, the concept of a uniform civil code, treating all citizens equally under the law, should be celebrated. Yet, Liberals oppose this idea, advocating for separate personal laws based on religion. It directly contradicts the secular values they claim to uphold.

Catering and Sympathizing

The growth of religious extremism is nurtured by political agendas, further deepening the divide. If a specific religious community resists change, it’s in part due to the self-serving motivations of political parties that suppress reform for their own benefit. This apprehension stems from the belief that an enlightened, reform-driven community could slip from their grasp. The Muslim community, in particular, has suffered due to such alleged sympathizers, evident in their educational and economic standings.

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The Gyanvapi dispute has laid bare the hypocrisy ingrained within a segment of self-proclaimed Liberals. Their contradictory stances on matters of faith, reform, and secularism expose their two-faced nature. If authentic unity and progress are to be achieved, it’s essential for society to confront these deep-seated inconsistencies and strive for a more genuine and all-encompassing form of liberalism.

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