Saturday, July 20, 2024


Random Unceasing Low Level Scattered Violence

The Data Present Here Is What Has Been Collected By THE JAIPUR DIALOGUES Over A Period Of Seven Years. This Data Has Been Termed As RULLS - Random Unceasing Low-level Scattered Violence, Which Is Basically How Abrahamics, Especially Muslims Target Hindus. This Targeting Of Hindus Is Done Via Various Forms Of Jihad, Which Aren't Blatant Or Obvious But Happen On A Low Level, In The Most Horrific And Brutal Manner. The Number Of Atrocities Committed Against Hindus Is Rising Exponentially, And That Is An Alarming Situation.

The RULLS Data Is An Indicative Updated List To Sensitize Our Fellow Hindus To Be Aware Of The Rising Crimes Perpetrated Against Them.

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