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Gujarat’s Shaurya Yatra Suffers Stone Pelting as a Suppression Tactic

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Recently, Gujarat was subjected to stone-pelting suppression tactics that targeted a Hindu procession Shaurya Yatra. This act of violence has reiterated the significant concerns about the presence of ‘peacefuls’ and the concept of communal harmony in the nation. India’s Sanatana Dharma and its followers are repeatedly witnessing a disconcerting trend of stone pelting. This violent tactic of the ‘peaceful’ community is a means to suppress the rise of Sanatana Dharma and its followers. This disturbing practice poses a threat to peace and religious freedom in Bharat.

Selamba Witnesses a Disturbing Surge in Stone Pelting

Gujarat: Nuh-Like Violence Reported in Narmada After Stones Pelted at Bajrang Dal's Yatra, Videos Surface | 📰 LatestLY
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On September 29, 2023, stone-pelting and arson occurred during a Shaurya Jagran Yatra organized by Hindu organizations in Gujarat’s Narmada district. The procession was organized by the Bajrang Dal and was meant to be a peaceful expression of religious devotion.

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As the yatra procession passed through the Selamba area, a group of ‘peacefuls’ individuals from the Muslim community reportedly rushed in and began hurling stones at the participants. Simultaneously, arson took place, with a few shops being set ablaze. Video footage of the incident emerged, capturing the sight of a mob pelting stones at the Shaurya Yatra. Disturbingly, one of the videos showed stones being thrown from the vicinity of a mosque.

While the police police swiftly arrived at the scene to regain control of the situation, the incident reveals the anti-Hindu agenda of ‘peacefuls’ in India.

Currently, the situation is reported to be peaceful, and a significant police presence has been established in the area.

Unprovoked Attacks on Sanatana Dharma

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Stone pelting, once a rare form of protest, has seen a surge in Bharat. It has fast become a prevalent means of agitation in certain ‘peaceful’ segments of Indian society. What makes this trend particularly unsettling is its use as a tool to suppress the Sanatana Dharma community, which seeks to practice its faith peacefully and without interference. Sanatani followers dedicated to their faith become targets of the ‘peacefuls’ solely because of their religious beliefs. Thus, these attacks not only violate the principles of religious freedom in Bharat but also threaten social harmony.

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Motives Behind the Violence: Hinduphobia

Dismantling Global Hindutva claims Hinduphobia is a 'distraction'
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The motives behind these stone-pelting incidents deserve careful examination. It is crucial to understand why certain ‘peaceful’ sections of society resort to such violent means to suppress Sanatana Dharma. The only possible explanation lies in the rise of Hinduphobia, which is being propagated by ‘sickularists’ under the pretext of minority appeasement and equality.

Hinduphobia, characterized by irrational fear or hatred of Hindus and Sanatana Dharma, is on the rise in Bharat. It is preached by the ‘Peaceful’ Politicians, it is preached by their Islamist zealot religious leaders, and it is taught by the extremists to the common man in the street. The nation, celebrated for its diversity, is grappling with the deliberate targeting of one of its oldest religions. Hinduphobic sentiments have infiltrated various aspects of society, including media, politics, and public discourse.

Minority Appeasement vs. True Equality

The need of the time is to foil the conspiracy of vicious appeasement of the minorities ! - Sanatan Prabhat

The surge in Hinduphobia is often rationalized under the guise of minority appeasement and the pursuit of equality. However, it is vital to acknowledge that genuine equality cannot be achieved by suppressing or discriminating against any religious group. Primarily, true equality necessitates the celebration of diversity. Secondly, the creation of an environment marked by mutual respect should be a concern for all communities. However, political minority appeasement has led to repeated stone-pelting incidents targeting Hindu processions.

Following are severe concerns raised in the aftermath of the Gujarat Stone Pelting incident:

  1. Communal Tensions: Such incidents can exacerbate communal tensions and disrupt the peaceful coexistence of communities in Gujarat and India. Are Sanatanis and Sanatana Dharma safe in India?
  2. Safety Concerns: Sanatani devotees participating in religious processions should be able to do so without fear of violence. Thus, ensuring the safety of Sanatana Dharma’s temples, rituals and followers should be paramount in Bharat. Will the government take strict actions to secure the safety of a common Sanatani?
  3. Pre-Planned Attacks: There is suspicion that these attacks were pre-planned. Thus, it underscores the need for thorough investigations to identify and hold accountable those responsible. Will the authorities be able to weed out the mastermind behind these ‘peaceful’ attacks?

Upholding Religious Freedom

Stone-pelting incidents targeting Hindu processions in Gujarat are a matter of grave concern. Therefore, is essential for law enforcement agencies to conduct thorough investigations to ensure that those responsible for these acts of violence are brought to justice. While maintaining communal harmony must be a collective goal, it cannot be at the cost of Sanatana followers and their security.

In a pluralistic nation of India, it is imperative to safeguard the principles of religious freedom and tolerance for all. Favoritism and appeasement of certain segments have given them the courage to use stone pelting as a suppression tactic. Additionally, hinduphobic content by the media has ensured the demonization of Sanatana Dharma and its followers. Such content should have no place in a society that cherishes its ‘secular’ values. Thus, Bhartiya Sanatani society must unite in promoting respect for Sanatana Dharma. Furthermore, they must compel the government to ensure that harmony for all religions does not make Hindus pay a price.

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