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Is RAW Behind The Death Of Hafiz Saeed’s Son Kamaluddin Saeed?!

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In a recent and enigmatic turn of events, unverified reports have emerged concerning the alleged abduction and possible elimination of Kamaluddin Saeed, the son of the internationally recognized terror mastermind, Hafiz Saeed. These unconfirmed claims have not only sparked significant attention but have also led to speculations about the involvement of India’s intelligence agency, RAW, in the unfolding saga.

Pakistan: 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks Mastermind Hafiz Saeed's Son Kamaluddin Untraceable After Last Seen In Peshawar On Sept 26
PC Free Press Journal

The Origin of the Speculations

The chain of events commenced two days after initial media reports indicated that Kamaluddin Saeed had fallen prey to an alleged kidnapping by unidentified individuals in Peshawar, Pakistan. These reports sent rejoice through various online communities. It gave rise to extensive discussions and conjectures.

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Social Media Aflutter with RAW Speculations

Online social media, particularly X, became a hotbed of discussions surrounding the purported incident. Users posted, shared and commented fervently. Some individuals went so far as to insinuate that Kamaluddin’s lifeless body had turned up in Peshawar. These unverified accounts even hinted at the possibility of RAW’s involvement. They suggested a covert operation had taken place.

One X user claimed that Kamaluddin Saeed’s remains were discovered in the Jabba Valley of the KPK region. This added fuel to the speculations of external involvement.

However, it is imperative to underscore that these assertions remain unsubstantiated.

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Previous Disappearance and Media Coverage

Kamaluddin Saeed’s mysterious disappearance first came to light on September 27, causing widespread concern and speculation. Pakistani local media outlets reported that unidentified malefactors had abducted Kamaluddin, arriving in vehicles. There were also reports indicating that Pakistan’s intelligence agency, ISI, had struggled to locate him.

Despite extensive coverage by Indian media outlets, it is vital to note that there is no authenticate on any reports from the Pakistani newspaper mentioned earlier. The veracity of these claims remains unestablished.

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Hafiz Saeed’s Dark Past

Hafiz Saeed, Kamaluddin Saeed’s father, is widely recognized as a mastermind in international terrorism circles. He is the founder of the proscribed Islamic terrorist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba and has been linked to numerous high-profile terrorist attacks, including the infamous 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Just last year, an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan sentenced him to 31 years in prison, alongside the confiscation of all his assets. A monetary fine was also imposed on him.

26/11: Looking back at 26/11: Food for fear and recovery - The Economic Times
PC The Economic Times

However, doubts persist regarding the true extent of accountability in his case. Given the historical precedents in Pakistan, where individuals with terrorist affiliations have, on occasion, escaped incarceration or continued to enjoy a comfortable existence despite convictions, some experts speculate that Hafiz Saeed may not serve his entire sentence.

RAW Strikes?

The unverified rumors surrounding Kamaluddin Saeed’s alleged abduction and possible elimination have ignited considerable interest and apprehension. While official confirmation remains pending, the conjecture about RAW’s potential involvement adds a layer of complexity to this unfolding narrative. Hafiz Saeed’s dark history as a terror mastermind only deepens the intrigue surrounding these events, as questions linger about the circumstances of Kamaluddin Saeed’s disappearance and the possibility of external actors at play in this enigmatic saga.

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