Saturday, July 20, 2024

Muslim Mob Attacks Ram Navami Procession In Vadodara

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Hindus are being relentlessly attacked by the peacefuls again, displaying their trademark style of intolerance. Hindus wererecently attacked by a mob of more than 200 fanatic Muslims during a Ram Navami procession. Islamists attacked the procession with stones near Panjrigar mohalla in the Vadodara district of Gujarat. This was a pre-planned attack, done to harm Hindus and disrupt festivals.

There is no surprise here since Hindus are attacked in their own country, where Muslims are supposed to be minorities. A global leftist cabal might not even bother blinking an eye or voicing its support for Hindus. Such atrocities won’t be highlighted by Islamists like Ilhan Omar or Arfa Khanum, since they hold the exclusive right to play the minority card.

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Attack By Muslim Mob

Muslims pelted stones at the protesters, according to reports. In a statement, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad confirmed the attack and said that the attack was huge, but that the idol of Shree Ram wasn’t damaged. The Karelibag Prakhand of Vishwa Hindu Parishad organized this Ram Navami procession. Due to the procession’s route going through a mosque, Muslims disturbed the peace as usual. The fact that Hindus cannot even celebrate their own festivals in Muslim-dominated areas is truly sad.

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Unfortunately, such vicious attacks on the Hindu community have become common. Last year when the Ram Navami processions passed through so-called Muslim-dominatedareas, the Muslims attacked and harmed the Hindus. Concerted attacks against Hindus have increased across various states in India.

Islamists and Muslim sympathizers are notorious for their hypocrisy. On Ramzan, Muslims performed Taraweeh prayers at the New York Times Square, but no one said anything.

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Historically, Muslims have unabashedly displayed their brazen attitude toward everyone else. While an AIMIM leader was booked for performing Namaz openly in Lucknow, an Islamist mob attacked a Hindu procession passing a mosque in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. In recent years, Islamists have started attacking Hindus physically in a mind-numbing and shameful manner. While on the other hand, they have adopted mental and psychological warfare where they play the card of victimhood to cry and gain sympathy.


Hindus have been made victims whereas, they are the most accommodating, welcoming, and adjusting for everyone. This habit of Hindus has been the major cause of their downfall, coupled with the blissful ignorance of their deep-rooted ancient knowledge and heroic valor. Hindus need to rise up again and face the threat at their footsteps with utmost strength and prudence. This Chalta Hai attitude of Hindus for decades now has left them at the mercy of the political class, who have placed Hindu interests at the lowest ebb. Coupled with the dangerous global narrative being built to demean and defame Hindus, Hindus have very harsh times coming.




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