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Stop Media Glorification of The Khalistanis

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Journalism and freedom of speech has a huge responsibility, and a thin line to walk on. But, usually in India most of the streams of society are misleading. From academia to journalism to bureaucracy are somewhere hijacked by manipulative ideology.

Khalistan being a separatist and terrorist ideology, working from the pre-independence era of India has created enough of devastation in India. Now, as it is again being fuelled by all kinds of powers, it becomes the responsibility of journalists and academia to address this with precision and unbiased approach.

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In a recent article by so-called centrist portal The Print, a misleading approach to the Khalistani menace was taken up.

Khalistan Due to Exploitation of Sikhs?

The most common argument given to any kind of violent separatist movement and even terrorism is the exploitation in the hindsight. Even for a terrorists, till recently major chuck of journalists and academia have used the word ‘sufferers’. Since, Naxals were the sufferers of the socio-economic exploitation they rose to revolt against the authorities. Equally, terrorists in Kashmir concluded this heinous genocide of the Kashmiri Pandits because they were the exploitative landlords. Seriously?

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Such people expect complete surrender and non-violence from the army of the nation. While on the other hand they give free tickets to every such terrorists who wants to create chaos and fear among people.

Therefore, the same class of journalist are giving the same class of reason for the Khalistani terrorism.

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(p. c. – Amar Ujala)

Sectarian deras Are Harming Sikhism ?

One of the first reasons put up says that the cause of this anger is the different sects within Sikhism. These sects are harming the core of Sikhism. And this argument seems coming in a way from the general Sikh people, who are randomly asked while walking around in road (as in the source article).

But, this is something the political issue within Sikhism. And while we talk about the core of Sikhs, that is Sanatan Dharma. So when a sect is diverted from its core, certainly the situation would worsen. But in mainstream journalism and academia one would still hesitate to accept the root of Sikhs as Hindu Dharma. Therefore it makes the situation even worse, because denying the truth makes the loop of diversion even complex.

Khalistanis believe to be creating the ‘Sikh’ land similar to the state of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh. But, they actually are not believing that his approach to Sanatan Dharma was of utter reverence.

Cause of ‘Bandi Singhs’?

While on one hand a major group of people claims Sikhs as the saviour of Hindus, on the other hand they are also the victims. What happened during the riots of 1984 was definitely a grave injustice. But, this cannot be used to justify any kind of violent activity against the country.

However, the pseudo-intellectuals miss the point that the foundation of Khalistan Movement was put in the era of British. And Master Tara Singh was the main ‘Sikh’ face to craft this idea. However, the role of British was inevitable in this evil plan.

(p.c. – Wikipedia)

The Islamic nation was one such dream they were able to create with the Islamic ideologues. But, until now they were unfortunate to have create a Kahlistan one. Because, Khalistani are Sikhs. And the Sikhs know the reality and the truth of their umbilical cord with this country.

Sacrilege of Sikh Shrines?

The funniest of all reasons displayed through the given article, is due to the sacrilege of the Sikh shrines. The reason why Khalistani want a separate nation for them because in the Indian state their shrines are not safe. And therefore, they can kill any innocent or any person without any reason, and without any guilt. And even after that cry for a separate country?

(p.c. – Indian express)

This level of immature journalism is directly misleading the people and has no justifiable basis of the acts done by Sikhs. Since in the very short memory of Indians, if the past upsurge of Khalistan during 70s and 80s will be shown this misconception can be easily cleared. The destruction, violence and crimes done by the Khalistanis is inadmissible. However, they only need one Sikh, KPS Gill to butcher their dream of a separate nation.

Sacrilege of Sikh shrines is an issue came up after the Operation Blue Star, but why do people forget Khalistan is a pre-independence idea?

Khalistan is Serious Do Not Mock It

Khalistan is a serious issue or for that matter any separatist agenda. There are serious powers who never want Bharat to prosper and live peacefully. On one hand we Indians find a weird kind of pride in claiming we never attacked anyone in a thousand years of span. But, why don’t we take pride in that we have been successful in crushing down many terrorist upsurges with our might and ability to fight.

Sikh knows the true issue within the Sikhism. The role of SGPC and all are very basic issues which are politically motivated and having a long term plan. The long term plan to separate Sikhs from the roots of Sanatan Dharma. In this way, Bharat remains divided forever. Since, separatist movements are easy to gain sympathy in the beginning. Therefore, the rise in Khalistani elements in this decade began with lovey-dovey Farmers’ Protest.


There would come many interpreters, many so-called intellectuals, but the thing which must remain permanently is this Nation. This punyabhumi of Bharat which is the birthplace of the sun of Sanatan. Therefore, separatism and intrusion of foreign powers is the biggest hindrance in the safety and unity of this Holy Land. Staying united is the ultimate mantra in any condition. While Sanatan Dharma is the core of this land, definitely all the sects related to it are the integral part of this core. Therefore, separatist mentality can be erased by only shifting to the one’s core. And strongly opposing the self-acclaimed pseudo-intellectuals.

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