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MiLords and Bramhin Genocide

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In a series of bizarre and brazen attacks that occur daily upon the Hindu community, this one takes the crown. The judges are seen as pillars of justice but in this case the MiLords is an anti-Hindu bigot! The sad plight of Hindus is that they are treated like second class citizens in their own country!

A call for killing of Brahmins is a topic of amusement for the MiLord! He smiles at the mention with no remorse at all. Such acts are not acceptable from the MiLords at least and this behaviour is now drawing the wrath of the netizens from all over the internet.

The Incident

The Supreme Court was hearing a contempt petition on Wednesday about alleged hate speech directed at Muslims during rallies throughout Maharashtra. The Solicitor General, Tushar Mehta mentioned a DMK politician who stated that if equality is desired, all Brahmins should be slaughtered.

In June 2022, DMK leader R Rajiv Gandhi stated that Tamil Brahmins should have been slaughtered in accordance with Dravidian icon Periyar’s orders. His tweet followed political commentator Sumanth Raman. He had shared a snippet of the Periyar’s 1973 speech in Karikudi in Tamil Nadu. Upon the mention of a Brahmin Genocide, the MiLord passed a gleeful smile. The questioning of the same by the SG cautioned the MiLord who turned the topic to Periyar.

Reaction Of The Netizens

The netizens were enraged and horrified at the same time. The general appeal has been for an apology. The concern also arises at the blatant brazenness with which the MiLord has behaved.

It has been rightly pointed out by one of the Twitter users that this brashness would not be the case if the religion was different.

Users are seen holding placards in protest. They are urging others to do the same as well! The resonance for the appearance is quite resounding.

What now needs to be asked is if this is a lone incident. The answer is of course NO. Such incidents have happened in the past as well and will continue to happen if no action is taken upon the same. However, the real question that arises is – who will take the action? The MiLords? The Pillar of Justice? Who?! And will the action favour the actual victims, that is, the Hindus from such acts of genocide?

The Supreme Court is one of the pillars of Justice but how can one expect it to dispense justice of the MiLord is busy being a bigoted human? And why is it that all these individuals sit quietly and calmly when the victims are of the same community – Hindus? Let this question rankle the hearts and minds of the people as there Hindus celebrate Ram Navami around the nation and the world.



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