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Dravidian Politics and Rampant Christianization in Tamil Nadu

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Tamil Nadu’s rampant Christianization is a wake-up call for Hindus. Evangelists have breached the fortress of a state that was once a Hindu epicenter. There has been a general aversion to Sanatan Dharma in Tamil Nadu over the past few decades. Tamil Nadu’s changing demographics are a product of the vested interests of politicians and the Christian lobby.

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Recently, George Ponnaiah, a Roman Catholic priest, was in the news for meeting Rahul Gandhi and abusing Hindu gods. In Tamil Nadu, he’s the leading face of Christianity propagation and the main driving force behind rampant Christianization. In the past, George Ponnaiah was in the news when he spoke with a tone similar to that of fanatic Islamists. He not only threatened Hindus but also asserted their dominance over them. Moreover, evangelists are steadily poisoning the entire country. Hindus have been reduced to a minority in various N.E. states, the same is happening now in South and Punjab.

Tamil Nadu is polarized because of the proliferation of Dravidian ideology by the Dravidian parties. The evangelists have formed an unholy alliance with these Dravidian parties, which have poisoned the minds of Tamilians. The widespread hatred of Hindi and Sanskrit among Tamilians has alienated many from our Sanatani practices these days.

This alleged nexus has a long history and its ramifications must be understood. The Aryan-Dravidian divide theory was developed during British rule in India to distort Sanatani values and promote Christianity. Insecure and greedy, the British were capable of spreading lies through any treachery. Bharat had a rich civilizational past and holistic progress; something they were insecure about and wished to destroy. Several biased and inexperienced western historians created false and convoluted stories to perpetuate the color and caste divides.

Huxley was using scientific journals of his day to propagate a racist theory in which white people could lay claim to Sanskrit and the knowledge of the Vedas through three clever, but fake arguments. The first was that there was “internal evidence” in Sanskrit literature that there were Aryan invaders who were white men. Sanskrit texts have no such references. The second lie is that ‘high-caste Hindoos’ had Aryan blood. The third lie propagated as science was that “Aryan blood” in India got intermixed with that of dark, Dravidian aborigines and this admixture along with the effects of sunshine and the hot weather in India made Aryans dark-skinned in India. This racist theory was widely accepted and digested among Europeans long before the name Nazi was invented. There is in fact, no such thing as “Aryan blood” or even Aryan genes although a large number of people now believe both to be true. Such is the effect of a century and a half of racist theories passed off as scholarship. [1]

Demographic Change

Tamil Nadu’s demographic change hasn’t been limited to the areas near Kanyakumari but has expanded into other areas such as Coimbatore, Thanjavur, Tiruchirappalli, Dindigul, Coimbatore and Nilgiris, Sivaganga, Ramanathapuram, Tirunelveli, and Thoothukkudi. This is as per the CPS report.

Dravidian ideology was forced after the Christian church failed to impose Christianity in India during colonial times. In Tamil politics, most notably DMK, this malevolent belief has gained a lot of traction. It is well-known that the DMK has an anti-Hindu and anti-Brahmin stance that is blatant and vitriolic. Several times, their leaders, especially M.Karunanidhi, insulted and abused Bhagwan Rama and other deities. In addition, he said that ‘Hindu’ means ‘thief’. He said, “Who is a Hindu? You must ask Periyar EVR. A good man would say the word Hindu means a thief.”

(P.C.- Swarajya)

Like Congress and other anti-Hindu parties, DMK also supported the destruction of Ram Setu. They argued that there was no sound historical evidence that Shree Ram existed. They were visibly disappointed with the Supreme Court’s decision, as well as their ally, the Congress party. This was because the latter had supported the construction of the Ram Mandir.

DMK identifies with anyone who is outright anti-Hindu and spews venom against them. There is no doubt that DMK patronizes Hindu evangelists who blatantly convert Hindus, such as Bishop Ezra Sargunam and George P. DMK shares a close bond with Ezra, as he is a huge supporter of the party and helps them in elections. Ezra claims to have converted many Hindus to Christianity and built many churches to ease the conversion process.

Back in 2019, Ezra Sargunam, spew venom against Hindus and remarked, “Punch on their (Hindus) face, let them bleed. Then make them understand the truth (referring to Christian Conversion)”.

Even though there is rampant proselytizing in Andhra Pradesh too, the reason doesn’t seem to stem from Dravidian politics. Despite being southern states, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala do not identify themselves as Dravidians. Keralites identify themselves as descendants of Asura king Bali Chakravarti (Mahabali), in whose honor Onam is celebrated. While people from Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka consider themselves to be Aryans, not Dravidians.


Christian missionaries categorically despise Hindu temples and traditions, which are a major barrier to the spread of Christianity. The DMK administration views Hindu temples with disdain for this reason. Many such instances lead one to consider why temples should be free of government control and administration should belong to believers. Christians and Muslims control churches and mosques, respectively; but the government controls temples. This shows the hypocrisy of the secular Indian model.

This ever-growing threat of rampant conversion must be recognized by Hindus, and that requires knowledge of Shatrubodh. Moreover, they should be aware of their Dharma and not fall prey to this venomous and false conversion mafia. Hindu parents should teach their children the values and teachings of Sanatan Dharma. This is critical so that they don’t fall prey to the rampant white lies propagated in the name of religion. Hindus should understand that only by saving their Dharma, they can save themselves.




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