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Mahua Moitra’s Har*mi Comment Shows her Abhorrent Level of Politics

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There is no doubt about how much the Mamta Banerjee-led TMC cares for and respects the sentiments of people. The TMC has a bloody past filled with rowdy and disdainful antics, especially against Hindus, and Mahua Moitra is one of its shining stars. After all, when leaders like Mamta Banerjee act as the guiding light, hearing expletives like Har*mi shouldn’t come as a shocker. The fact that Mahua Moitra uttered such abusive words in Parliament shows how much she values the institution of Parliament and its values.

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The Har*mi Incident In The Parliament

Democracies are built on differences, but abusive and derogatory language is not acceptable. A day after using this word, which has an extremely disrespectful connotation. Mahua Moitra used the cuss word while another lawmaker, KR Mohan Naidu of the TDP, spoke in the Lok Sabha. On 7th Feb. 2023, when Naidu was representing his comments during the motion of thanks on the president’s speech, Mahua Moitra spoke the Har*mi comment. She said “Kitne ha*ami bante hain… Kitne mahaan… aapko to pata hoga…”. Post this, several members of the parliament demanded an apology and objected to the derogatory language used.

The Chairperson stated that none of her statements would be officially recorded. He said “No harsh word need be used in the House, that too, offensive word should not be used. When it has been used, as we all know, I will request the Leader of the concerned Party and the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs to consult and take an appropriate decision.”

The Failed Feminism Card

This drama was about to take another turn when Mahua Moitra played the feminism card… a typical move when you can’t defend yourself. When various BJP leaders criticized her, she said “BJP is saying how can I use such a word being woman, do I need to be a man to be able to give it back as good as it gets? So there’s patriarchy. I’m surprised BJP is teaching us parliamentary etiquette. That representative from Delhi heckled me. I’ll call an apple an apple, not an orange…if they’ll take me to the privileges committee, I’ll put my side of the story”. Critiquing anything that objects to a low level of thinking doesn’t always have to be linked to the victim card of feminism. Although it’s okay to speak up when necessary, crossing boundaries and not reflecting while behaving in a weird manner is not a healthy mandate for society.

Further criticizing the Modi Government on Adani, Mahua Moitra said, she stated

“For the first time, all of us were able to show to people of India what this Adanigate was all about. BJP has been trying to shove this under the carpet for the past 3 years. Glad all Opposition parties together came out. People of India could see the extent of the Adanigate scandal.”

Mahua Moitra has continuously disrespected the feelings of Hindus and the people of the nation as a habitual offender. In this case, her behavior during the Parliamentary session was not unexpected. BJP leader Shehzad Poonawalla stated, “Serial offender Mahua Moitra crosses the line- uses abusive language inside Parliament! Earlier she abused a journalist with an offensive gesture, insulted Maa Kaali, attacked Brahmins with a “Chotiwala Rakshas” jibe. Will TMC still defend her? Or will it condemn and act on her.”


This TMC leader has frequently been in the news for being on the offensive, and for crossing boundaries of respect and regard. Furthermore, she also mocked PM Modi’s Chaiwala background and criticized him on various occasions.

Mahua Moitra did not seem worried despite receiving criticism online from various quarters. Considering that she has been a repeat offender and doesn’t care about her voters’ sentiments, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. As seen in Bengal, she has never been bothered by what people say or call her out for, but will only work towards appeasing her party boss and the so-called minorities of India. Instead of acknowledging the comments, she embarked on a disparaging and unhinged rant to defend her position. She said that “Nobody is behind Mahua. Mahua is behind the truth. (And truth can’t be silenced by thug hecklers).”




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