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Amra Morba Jagat Jagbe – We should die to Awaken the Nation

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With the recent Bengal results on 2nd May, violence broke out in different parts of the state where the TMC party workers were seen violently attacking the BJP cadre. In less than 24 hours post the election results, around 30 BJP workers were killed, women were thrashed in the streets and the BJP offices were torched down. With such anarchy and lawlessness in the state, everyone was hoping that the BJP Central leadership which claimed to be the flag bearer of Hindu Nationalism would respond to this violence against its Karyakarta’s, which were majorly Hindu Dalits who voted for it, and believed that the BJP could protect them from the tyranny of the TMC rule.

However, the BJP led by Modi-Shah which consistently said in almost all the rallies that “You don’t need to fear Mamta, we will protect you” was completely caught unaware of the situation. There was no BJP leader on the ground to protect its workers. The Central leadership which was eager to seek the votes in the name of ‘Modi dada’ did not even feel the need to call Mamta about the violence or issue directions to the state. Complete hopelessness was shown by the leaders which people believed could save them.

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With the increasing violence in the state, when reports started coming out that 1000 Hindu families from Birbhum had left the village and were hiding in farms at the outskirts, the people thought at least now the Centre would interfere and do something, but what the Central leadership did was rather a joke. They declared that against the violence perpetrated by the TMC goons in the state, the BJP would hold a nationwide Dharna. What has been this fantasy of holding a Dharna? If the BJP wants to hold a Dharna, it deserves to be in the opposition. The people of India have elected a complete majority government with 303 seats to BJP alone. This is not to hold Dharna. This is to take action. We are fed up with the long-term ‘Masterstrokes’ of PM Modi. We want you to act, and we want you to act right now. And if you cannot, maybe the people of Bengal were right when they predicted that BJP does not have the strength to counter the might of TMC cadres.

Amidst the anarchy in Bengal, where the state is burning, the BJP wants to become Gandhian. If the people wanted a Gandhian to be the PM, they would not have replaced the UPA in 2014. People believed in BJP because it portrayed Savarkar as their idol. People believed the BJP to be a party for Hindus. People believed the BJP would stand up for the rights of Hindus. However, the situation seems completely different now. The BJP has acted like it does know how to win elections but does not know how to wield power. The BJP after being elected to center with a much bigger majority, instead of giving it back to its voter, it started appeasing the voters of Congress. The congress was at least sensible enough than BJP, they never cared what others thought. They had their hold on media and they did what would please their allies and voters, even if it meant to stall the results of Ram Mandir.

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With hopelessness from the Central leadership of BJP after confidently saying, “There’s no need for ‘Chup chaap, Kamal Chaap this time’, come out in open, no one will hurt you”, the only hope left is if the population of Bengal becomes Aatma Nirbhar. You cannot stop violence with peace. The antidote to power is a bigger power. The people of Bengal need to remember Bagha Jatin who gave the slogan “ Amra Morbo, Jagat Jagbe”- We should die to awaken the nation. In the absence of any central assistance, people should try to protect themselves. Remember the might of Aurobindo, Khudiram Bose, Praful Chaki. When they faced similar circumstances against the colonial power, they did what was necessary. They resisted violence with violence. The Indian legal system also permits the use of violence in self-defense. In this crisis time, it is important not to lose hope. It is important to unite and fight back against this tyranny. In the absence of a strong leader, people cultivate leaders among the masses. As Savarkar had said, there should be calmness in preparation and boldness in execution in the moments of crisis, we should keep calm and face the situation boldly. Foucault had said ‘ Power does not reside with the state, it flows in the society. And where there is power, there is resistance.’ The BJP Government which was elected on its Hindu credentials faces a legitimacy crisis today within its core base. It is time for the people of Bengal to remember their glorious past and unite against this tyranny. The Hindus should act as Sugreev and tell the BJP what it can do. It’s time to be courageous. As Gopal Patha had said ’Ten for one’. It’s time to be aware and act for our safety and security. Because if we don’t, ethnic cleansing events like Kashmir will become a norm.

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