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The Intellectual Pogrom of Wokism

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Wokism is a new ideology that has captured the minds of Americans today. Staying woke means being aware of the social and racial injustices in society. Wokism which started with the ‘Black lives Matter’ movement in 2014, has today spread like wildfire in different parts of the world to the extent that Wokism is termed as the new religion by social scientists. Douglous Murray in ‘The Madness of Crowds- Gender, Race and Identity’ said that today liberalism has taken a new social character of Wokism. It is a new metaphysics. It is a new religion where people believe they are at the barricades and society has been unjust with them. They want to demonstrate this new culture and for this, they need to find new enemies. For wokes, who are mostly the underperforming people in the society, they target the people who have achieved something in life. The wokes feel the society should look after their well being. Being Woke is nothing but being an underperformer and celebrating your trauma and demanding society to go your way because you have faced trauma.

The Woke ideology however idiotic it may sound has become a major discourse in the Western world & is also trying to capture the minds of Indians. Wokism, just like communism or fascism is a radical ideology that does not believe in dissent. You cannot counter the woke ideology with logic, because wokes believe they are the only ones who understand the society and others being not woke enough do not have the right to speak or give a counter. Wokism gives people a free pass to cancel people who do not believe in their ideology. It has given rise to the new cancel culture around the world. Wokism is nothing but an intellectual pogrom that is systematically wiping out logic from academics. This ideology has led to an increasingly intolerant world, where one wrong statement can destroy people’s whole lives and careers.

Tracing back the ideology of Wokism, its roots can be found in cultural Marxism. Wokism has given a new life to the dormant ideology of Marxism that has cloaked itself as Wokism. It has led to new segregation of the society by the Marxists. Earlier Marxism had classified society into different classes. In Wokism, the base ideology is kept similar to Marxism which gives Dialectics of classes, but it has just transformed the classes from Proletariat and bourgeoisie to different forms. Wokism is Marxism aproned in a new form where the proletariats are transformed to minorities, LGBTQ’s and refugees. The woke social justice talks about the justice that is exclusivist, fascist, seeks no dissent, seeks ideological purity, but it does this under the name of compassion. They bully people and this compassion legitimizes their bullying. For being woke you need to be anti-racist, which is fair, but it also means you have to be on the side of the races that have faced historical injustices, even if it means someone has done something wrong in the present. However, the fun fact is, it is exactly the opposite in India’s case. In India, Hindus have faced historical injustices through centuries of foreign rule, but the Woke ideology in India sides with the oppressors and today goes on to blame the historical victims, the Hindus.

The idea of Wokism is quite clear, it is being constantly angry and desperate to search for injustice. The injustice might be a reality or a fiction but one must search for injustice and fight for justice. In this fight for justice, if someone opposes their idea, they will simply be termed as their next enemy and an online mob of the woke Kabal will start lynching you, and your career will be torched down by creating pressure on your company.

The funny fact of Wokism is there is a statue of Greta Thunberg (the girl who did not go to school) at the Winchester University. Greta Thunberg has become a symbol of climate activism, she also started a campaign for creating awareness about the dangers of climate change. However, it is ironic to see that the same Greta sided with the farmers’ protests which essentially demanded repealing the law on stubble burning, the same stubble burning which chokes Northern India for months. This brilliant girl called these laws anti-environment, even though they essentially aimed at reducing pollution. But as the constitution of wokeness goes, if you ask her what she is protesting for? You’ll be termed as a climate change denier.

This new religion of wokeness is the most threatening idea of modern times. Other ideologies limited their space to the youth, but Wokism is trying to subscribe minors to this theory, making them politically hyperactive without any knowledge of politics. If you train a 10yr old that he/she knows the ultimate truth and everyone disagreeing with his views is an enemy of humanity, he will start lynching others on social media and label everyone as Islamophobic, Anti-Black, Troll or a Sanghi.

Woke people sell this Utopia to kids and convince them that- you can bring in a revolution by just getting rid of your bra. The revolution can be brought through campaigns like ‘ Free the nipple’.  Why do women need to wear a bra while men can appear shirtless? A bra is a symbol of patriarchy and you need to get rid of it to change the society. However, like all other Marxist thoughts, wokeness is also ideological. Woke people come out in open and be very much vocal when it comes to Hindu women’s rights. They want to say that wearing ripped jeans is the right of women which is very logical. But the same wokes suppress the rights of Muslim women saying that wearing a Burqa is freedom of religion. While the wokes justify individual freedom of Hindu women, they suppress the same of Muslim women under the context of the religious right. While the wokes want to come out in open to smash the Brahmanical patriarchy, they promote the Ashrafi patriarchy by opposing laws like Triple Talaaq that liberate women from the clutches of male supremacists. Wokeness has special hatred against Hinduism because Hinduism is an anti-thesis to Woke culture. Hindus have been systematically persecuted and have been victims of historical injustice for almost past 1000 years, but still don’t play the victim card like the wokes. Wokism hates Hinduism, because they can’t claim persecution narrative. After all, Hinduism is a tolerant religion, accepting every idea, which will be the synthesis of the dialectics with Wokism.

In conclusion, to understand Wokism, a person must know Quantum technology. Because similar to quantum technology, being woke is like being in superposition. There is no absolute right or absolute wrong morality. If you agree with wokes, you’re right, if you don’t you’re wrong. There will be people supporting a big man with male genitalia identifying himself as a woman, lifting weight in a woman’s championship and the Wokes will support him. In case someone like Tulsi Gabbard comes forward and says “Women sports should be reserved for Biological women”, there would an online mob lynching her for her conservative views.

The woke ideology and the phenomena of Wokeness is a religious worldview without any redemption. It is a social disease that has normalized underperformance and failures. It is important to speak for social justice. It is important to speak against racial discrimination. But it doesn’t mean that you should always speak for the historical victims even if they are at fault in the present. We should speak for justice, but we should not be biased in doing so. If we’re eager to cover Akhlaq, we should also enrage over Kamlesh Tiwari. We should focus on becoming ‘Jagruk’ rather than being Woke.

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