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Modi Stumps RaGa – The Latter A Self-Entitled Prince Who Needs A Reality Check

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That Rahul Gandhi aka RaGa is a self-entitled brat of Indian politics is no mystery for all. The arrogant and delusional prince of Gandhi Khandaan has been stumped on various occasions by PM Modi. RaGa is freshly fuelled by the success he has assumed that his Bharat Jodo Yatra had achieved, which is anything but true. Post returning to Delhi to attend the current Parliament session, RaGa has yet again raked up the old issue of corruption, caste, and minority discrimination. Rahul Gandhi has his compatriots at the INC have ensured that whatever RaGa speaks or does is mocked because honestly nothing he says ever makes any sense!!

It has to be understood that the entire Congress clan keeps on harping about the same old track, time and again…. irrespective of any situation. Whereas the country has moved forward in all aspects, rightly highlighted by PM Modi who gave a reality check to the self-entitled prince. RaGa recently trained guns at the BJP government post the Adani-Hindenburg controversy and stated how the BJP has been complicit with the Adani group, a fact that was refuted and aptly rebuffed by the BJP, as that claim didn’t have any standings.

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PM Modi took direct shots at RaGa while addressing the facts about the economy was in a mess during the Congress era. Congress’s rule was one filled with gloom, pessimism, lack of growth and development, and primarily minority appeasement. The lack of job creation during the Congress era, soaring corruption levels, license raj, heightened terrorism, etc. ruined India’s growth story. Now that when RaGa talks about all of this, it sounds nothing but mighty hogwash.

PM Modi took a jab at Rahul Gandhi in his reply to the motion of thanks on the President’s address in Lok Sabha and said certain remarks made on Tuesday were acclaimed by the their ecosystem and “maybe they slept well and couldn’t wake up (on time)”.

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Rahul Gandhi, who took part in the discussion on Tuesday and spoke mostly against the government about the Adani issue, was not present in the House when the Prime Minister made his opening statements. Later, he arrived in Lok Sabha.

“I was watching yesterday. After the speeches of a few people, some people were happily saying, “Ye hui na baat.” Maybe they slept well & couldn’t wake up (on time). For them it has been said, “Ye keh keh ke hum dil ko behla rahe hain,wo ab chal chuke hain, wo ab aa rahe hain”,” PM Modi said.

He further added, “When the President’s Address was going on, some people avoided it. A tall leader even insulted the President. They displayed hatred against ST. When such things were said on TV, the sense of hatred deep within came out. Attempt was made to save oneself after writing a letter later”.

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PM Modi concluded the Wednesday’s session by reading out couplets by Hindi humorist Kaka Hathrasi and poet Dushyant Kumar in Lok Sabha to criticise the opposition, especially Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Kaka Hathrasi, he continued, had written something really fascinating. “Aaga-peecha dekh kar, kyon hote gamgin, jaisi jiski bhavna, vaisa dikhe scene (why be sad looking here and there, one will view a scene according to one’s perspective).”

Every time scion RaGa opens his mouth, he ensures his ignorant rants provide for the comic relief amidst the hectic climate wherein leaders like Modi focus on important matters of the country. RaGa never fails to surprise us as each time he redefines the rock bottom of foolishness!


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