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Himanta Sarma Shows Its Place To The Indian Express

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Himanta Biswa Sarma rightfully criticized the propagandist news platform The Indian Express for misquoting his entire conversation. To portray the insurmountable greatness of world-famous so-called Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan, the Indian Express had unnecessarily built up a bogey of falsehoods. Exactly as Himanta Sarma did, left-wing media outlets like The Indian Express should be shown their place for creating unnecessary hue and cry.

The Lies Of Indian Express

The Indian Express displayed a false sense of bravado that Himanta Sarma was not to fall for. The Indian Express took issue with Himanta Sarma addressing Shahrukh Khan as Shree when he tweeted about his conversation with the actor. Shahrukh Khan had called Himanta Sarma at 2 AM on Sunday to express his concern with regards to the protests happening in Assam against the Pathaan movie.

The oh-so-great, fearless, and over-smart Shahrukh Khan had called Himanta Sarma and mentioned his fears regarding the protests. It is said that some members of the Bajrang Dal entered Narengi Guwahati and tore the posters of the film. They also protested against the film by raising slogans. To express his concerns Mr. SRK called Himanta Sarma and asked for a safe release of the film.

After the Indian Express’s indignant dig at Himanta Sarma, the latter clarified that the actor had called and introduced himself.

According to Sarma, addressing the actor as Shree denotes the dignity of his position as Chief Minister. In addition, he stated that his constitutional duty is to ensure law and order.

Himanta Sarma tweeted this in response to the article posted by the Indian Express, “Politics | ‘Who is SRK to Shri SRK in only 24 hrs’: Opposition takes digs at Himanta Biswa Sarma”. Himanta Sarma was quoted as addressing Shahrukh Khan as Shree when just a day earlier he wasn’t even aware of him, according to opposition politicians.

At a press conference on Saturday, when asked about Shahrukh Khan by a reporter, Himanta Sarma said, “If someone files a case in a police station, we will take action immediately. I don’t know what this Pathaan-Wathaan is. I haven’t heard of it, I haven’t seen it. I don’t have time for this … Who is Shah Rukh Khan? Why should we worry about it, we have so many Shah Rukh Khans here. ‘Dr. Bezbaruah’ (an upcoming Assamese film) will be released, we might as well worry about that … Those who have made the film have also not said anything. I take everyone’s phone calls. Why should we worry? Shah Rukh Khan would have (called) if there was a problem … If Shah Rukh Khan calls, I’ll see what the issue is.”


These leftist media outlets deliberately slander people by making a mountain out of a molehill. News outlets such as the Indian Express, Newslaundry, The Quint, etc., that are experts in concocting stories and creating tension in society should be called out. The way Indian Express portrays Shahrukh Khan as an enigma by emphasizing his false bravado is indicative of their ignorance. As an actor with fading popularity, Shahrukh Khan is no longer bankable, and articles like these do little to boost his ego. It is about time these arrogant actors, who still count on their popularity among their fans, but display unhindered arrogance and thanklessness, get their due. They are not above any law or individual, and what Himanta Sarma did was absolutely right.




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