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India’s Historic Lunar Landings: Chandrayaan-3’s ‘Shiv Shakti’ Touchdown and Chandrayaan-2’s ‘Tiranga Point’

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In a momentous announcement on August 26, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a historic development in India’s space exploration journey. The touchdown point of the Chandrayaan-3 moon lander, after its awe-inspiring 40-day journey into space, has been christened ‘Shiv Shakti.’ This monumental declaration was made at the ISRO Telemetry Tracking & Command Network Mission Control Complex in Bengaluru. It underscores India’s prowess in space technology and exploration.

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Honoring Tradition in the Scientific Community

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the tradition in the scientific community of naming touchdown points. It commemorates significant achievements in space exploration. This tradition pays homage to the remarkable accomplishments of space missions. It also serves as a symbol of the nation’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of human knowledge and technology.

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‘Shiv Shakti’: A Symbol of India’s Space Dominance

PM Modi to watch telecast of Chandrayaan-3's landing from BRICS Summit in South Africa
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The name ‘Shiv Shakti’ reflects the fusion of Indian cultural heritage and space exploration triumphs. This nomenclature evokes the powerful synergy between Lord Shiva, representing cosmic forces, and Shakti, symbolizing divine energy. It encapsulates the spirit of India’s relentless pursuit of space excellence. India’s determination to harness the cosmic energies for the advancement of science and humanity are captured by it.

Prime Minister Modi’s announcement of the new name was met with thunderous applause from the brilliant minds at ISRO. It’s a testament to the immense dedication and collaborative efforts that culminated in this remarkable achievement.

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A Touchdown Like No Other

Chandrayaan-3’s lunar lander, ‘Vikram,’ etched its name in history on August 23. It gracefully touched down on the lunar South Pole. This remarkable event marked India’s triumphant entry into the elite league of lunar landing nations. It also positioned it as the pioneer in achieving this milestone at the lunar South Pole.

The successful landing of Vikram and the subsequent release of the Pragyan rover, which embarked on its mission to explore the lunar surface. This showcases India’s ability to design and execute complex space missions with precision.

Tiranga Point: Remembering Chandrayaan-2’s Endeavor

In a parallel development, the crash landing site of Chandrayaan-2’s moon lander has been renamed ‘Tiranga Point.‘ This tribute commemorates the indomitable spirit of India, symbolized by the national flag ‘Tiranga’. It underscores the nation’s perseverance even in the face of challenges.

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A Fourth Feather in India’s Space Cap

With this landmark achievement, India joins an exclusive group of space-faring nations that have successfully accomplished lunar landing missions. The United States, Russia, and China were the pioneers in this endeavor. Now India proudly stands among them. This achievement exemplifies India’s scientific and technological prowess but also opens up new avenues for future lunar exploration endeavors.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement of the renaming of Chandrayaan-3’s touchdown point as ‘Shiv Shakti’ is a poignant testament to India’s growing dominance in space exploration. The successful landing of Vikram and the naming of ‘Tiranga Point’ stand as reminders of India’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving greatness.

As the world looks to the sky with admiration and awe, India continues to inspire nations with its indomitable spirit, scientific acumen, and dedication to shaping the future of space exploration. ‘Shiv Shakti’ and ‘Tiranga Point’ are not just names; they are emblems of a resurgent nation’s journey into the cosmos.

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