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Anti-Hindu Agenda: Tamil Nadu MP Attempts to Illegally Distribute Vyasaraja Matha Land

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A Communist Tamil Nadu MP is under public scrutiny for attempting to distribute Vyasaraja Matha land to encroachers. The Vyasaraja Matha is a Hindu religious institution. Su Venkatesan, the CPI(M) MP for Madurai Lok Sabha constituency, organized an event to distribute legal documents to land encroachers. This was an attempt to legitimize the claims of the encroachers to Matha’s property.

The illegal event was canceled after activists and Matha officials filed a complaint with the local authorities. This incident highlights the appeasement politics and anti-Hindu agenda of political parties in Tamil Nadu. Moreover, it reiterates the lack of control Hindu religious entities have on properties held under the HRCE Act’s control.

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History and Legacy of Vyasaraja Matha

Sri Vyasaraja Mutt (Sosale) Srimushnam Branch - Srimushnam - Tamil Nadu |

Sri Vyasaraja Maṭha is also known as Munitraya Maṭha symbolizing the triad of sages. It is a prominent monastic institution of Dvaita Vedanta philosophy. Its lineage traces back to revered sages and scholars from millennia ago. Its enduring legacy of philosophical contributions and societal service enriches the Hindu community and culture.

About – Śrī Vyāsarāja Maṭha​
PC Sri Vyasaraja Matha

This lineage stems from Hamsanamaka Bhagavanta, flowing through eminent figures like Durvasaru, Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya, Sri Rajendra Tirtha, and many others. Sri Madhvachrya, the founder of Dvaita Vedanta, laid the foundation with his 37 compositions, including the revered Bhashya for the Brahma Sutra. This legacy was upheld and extended by subsequent scholars. Sri Vyasaraja, another towering figure in this lineage, gifted the world with remarkable works like Tatparya Chandrika, Nyayamruta, and Tarkatandava. These works have become integral to understanding and propagating Dvaita philosophy.

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CPI(M)’s Anti-Hindu Stance and Strategy

MP Su Venkatesan and Vyasaraja Matha Land Incident

Communist MP caught trying to give away Vyasaraja Math's property to encroachers
PC HinduPost

Primarily, the Vyasaraja Matha is based in Karnataka. However, it owns 27 acres of land in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. However, many of these acres are under encroachment from squatters and anti-social elements. MP Su Venkatesan attempted to play appeasement politics and sway the votes of these squatters in the upcoming Tamil Nadu elections and 2024 general elections. He wanted to grant ownership documents to encroachers on Matha’s property to gain political goodwill. However, his attempt was foiled by complaints registered by the Matha authorities. Following the complaint, the unlawful event was canceled.

CPI(M)’s Anti-Hindu stance on Vyasaraja Matha

CPI(M) renominates MLAs for Tamil Nadu polls, releases nominees list - The Economic Times
PC The Economic Times

Critics speculate that Su Venkatesan’s actions were part of their general anti-Indian stance. Reports even claim it as the party’s attempt to engage in an image-building strategy. The appeasement politics and divisive agenda are evident in this move by the CPI(M)’s MP from Tamil Nadu.

Recently, the MP held grievance meetings with the squatters and locals. Thereafter, he re-appropriated credit from the local authorities unto himself for the resolution of any issue or problem. Thereafter, his illegal land distribution was a calculated move to gain the support of anti-Hindu elements.

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MP Su Venkatesan’s incident is not an isolated event. Earlier, the late Communist MP P. Mohan also attempted a similar action. This was also timely thwarted due to property records that confirmed the ownership by the matha. The Matha temple ecosystem is increasingly threatened by property disputes, land encroachments, and targeted by political parties.

The incident highlights how certain political leaders and parties exploit land-related issues for political momentum and gains. They do not care about legality or authenticity in their attempts to sway voters. Since the event was canceled, it is uncertain which documents Su Venkatesan was distributing to grant ownership to encroachers. The incident raises concerns about corrupt officials, devious political agenda, and the vulnerability of Hindu religious institutes under the HRCE

Critically Endangered Temple Heritage

Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act(HRCE Act)
PC The Jaipur Dialogues

This incident is part of a larger trend and agenda by political parties to use anti-Hindu stance to misappropriate temple properties. Politicians seeking quick voter sympathy and votes pose a significant threat to the centuries-old temple ecosystems. Moreover, destroying historical inscriptions and manipulating property records exacerbate the critical endangerment of Hindu religious institutions in India under the HRCE Act.

Thus, the case of Tamil Nadu MP Su Venkatesan’s attempt to distribute Matha land to encroachers highlights the need to safeguard the heritage of religious institutions from political manipulation. Moreover, the issue also underscores the need to remove the ‘dharohar’ of Hindu heritage from the hands of HRCE. The preservation of the temple ecosystem requires a collective effort of all Hindus. These institutes are the pillars of Hindu society. They are a symbol of the glorious past of Hindus in Bharat. Therefore, their continued suppression and oppression require liberation from the clutches of corrupt officials, deviant politicians, and the HRCE Act.

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