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Fariyad Hussain Cuts Up Minor in Bareilly In Another Case Of Love Jihad

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Bareilly is rocked by yet another case of Love Jihad! A 15-year-old Hindu girl’s body, cut into two pieces, was discovered beside the railway tracks in Bareilly’s Fatehganj Purvi hamlet. The deceased’s family claims it was an instance of love jihad! The minor was thrown in front of a speeding train by a youth identified as Fariyad Hussain after being compelled to convert to Islam. Fariyad is the son of one Wahid Hussain. The deceased minor’s family also suspected that the accused sexually molested the child before to killing her. The accused Fariyad Hussain not only murdered the small girl in cold blood, but also stabbed the deceased’s mother with a knife. He was apprehended by family members and villagers while attempting to flee following the crime.

Fariyad Hussain Commits The Murder

The event occurred on Wednesday as the young girl was on her way to school. The deceased’s mother reported that her daughter received a call from her school. She was informed that she had received bad grades on one of her exams and would need to take an improvement test.

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The girl was walking to school when Fariyad Hussain stopped her and offered to take her to school on his bike. Instead of sending daughter to school, the accused took the girl to a rail bridge near the Bahgul River.

According to local media accounts, after reaching the railway bridge, Fariyad beat the victim before pushing her in front of a rushing train. The victim died on the spot. According to the report, the deceased parents said that the accused brought the youngster to a mosque. He then forced her to convert to Islam. She was also sexually raped before her terrible murder.

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According to the complaint, the victim’s brother witnessed the accused dragging her towards the railway tracks and notified his family. They raced to the site along with other residents. Despite efforts by the victim’s relatives to detain the accused, Fariyad Hussain shoved the girl in front of the speeding train and attempted to flee. However he was apprehended by neighbours.

We wonder what Dhruv Rathee has to say now?!

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