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Kerala Governor Visits To Ayodhya Asks Indian Muslims To Embrace Sanatani Roots!

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Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan prayed at Ayodhya Ram Mandir. His humble bow before Ram Lalla was more than just a personal act seeking peace. It asks Indian Muslims to fully embrace their Sanatani Roots. In a nation where multiple faiths thrive, the people of the nation should be bound by threads of heritage and unity.

Unfortunately, in Bharat, Indian Muslims are encouraged by radicals to identify with foreign invaders and their practices in Sanatan Bharat. In the pursuit of spiritual fulfillment under Islamists, Muslim Indians lose all sense of identity and roots. Consequently, they are unable to relate to the nation they are born in. Therefore, politicians like Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed act like a moral compass that asks Indian Muslims to embrace their Sanatani roots and wholeheartedly accept India as their Karma Bhoomi.

Kerala Governor Khan’s Visits to Ayodhya Ram Mandir

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Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan revisited the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya. He bowed low before Ram Lalla, paying obeisance to Bhagwan Ram. His act of love and respect for his roots transcends religious boundaries and speaks volumes about the inclusive ethos of Bharat.

Kerala Governor Khan’s actions deeply resonate with his words that worshiping Bhagwan Ram is not just a matter of happiness for Bharatvasis but also it is a matter of pride.

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He has been to Ayodhya many times since January 2024 and was also present at the Pran Pratishthan ceremony. The leader states that coming to this temple gives him immense mental and spiritual peace. His prayers at this hard-won Hindu temple deliver a message of unity and belonging. It tells Muslim Indians to embrace the civilizational truths and cultural heritage of Bharat wholeheartedly. Moreover, it shows a path where praying to the forefather’s Gods does not diminish their current faith. In fact it enriches their lives. It allows the enlightened to feel a sense of pride and connection with the land of one’s ancestors.

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Enlightening The Path To Unity and Wisdom

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The Kerala Governor Khan is not just a devout Ram Bhakt. He also advocates for Vedic education. He firmly endorses his Sanatani roots and asks other fellow religionists to accept their true heritage. Therefore, the governor sends a firm message on the relevance of ancient Indian knowledge systems and cultural heritage. In a world grappling with strife at all corners, such actions ask Indian Muslims to be proud heirs to a rich legacy that predates the divisions of religion and ethnicity.

Vedic traditions and Sanatana Dharma are integrally bound to Bharat.

Therefore, all Indian Muslims, no matter what heritage they claim, should reclaim their moorings to the traditions and culture of the land.

Those who seek validation of identity with Arabs live with a false sense of self. The Kerala Governor says that the beauty of Sanatana Dharma is its complete acceptance of all who want to walk the path of Dharma. It neither seeks conversion nor loyalty. It just asks one to enrich themselves on the path of goodness as well as Moksha. Thus, Muslims should reject the drivel of Hinduo-hatred and accept that once their forefathers were part of this culture and faith. Moreover, following Islam should not be contradictory to the civilizational ethos of the land.

In Summary

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The journey towards embracing Bharatiya roots is not without its challenges for Indian Muslims. Years of hatred have been ingrained in them through deviant radical sources. Absolute and blind obedience is taught in the name of Islamic faith in Bharat. Dialogue, debate, and discussions are actively rejected by Islamists. Therefore, the common open-minded Indian Muslims need to make an extra effort to break his bonds. He will probably have to work harder to embrace a broader and more inclusive vision of his identity. This identity would call for a rejection of divisive ideologies and ask them to put the nation and the culture foremost on the list of priorities. It would need them to seek a reaffirmation of the shared values that bind Bharat as a nation.

For Indian Muslims, this journey should represent a homecoming.

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This Gharvapasi or Homecoming is not about changing faith. It should be about embracing their roots in the land of Mahabharat and Ramayan. It should represent a returning to the source moment to the land of their forefathers. Consequently, it may represent a difficult journey of rediscovery, of reclaiming their rightful place within the vibrant tapestry of Bharat’s cultural mosaic.

As the nation grows by leaps and bounds, let no section of society be left behind. Let people like Kerala Governor Khan show Indian Muslims the path that helps them embrace their true identity as sons of Bharat Mata. Let Bharat’s future not be a discussion on which religion is in the minority of the majority. May it be a dialogue of a united front that accepts its Vedic and Sanatni roots where the bonds of unity and brotherhood transcend the barriers of creed and caste. Hopefully, the non-radicals would soon walk this path with Sanatanis, hand in hand, as proud citizens of Bharat.

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