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Calls Of #BoycottNaturals After CEO Disrespects Veer Savarkar

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The disturbing and completely false views of Naturals Spa and Salon chain CEO CK Kumaravel have stirred up the internet. In a shocking display of ignorance of history and generic disrespect, CK Kumaravel unleashed an online tirade against Veer Savarkar. Kumaravel, in a now-infamous social media post, denigrated Savarkar by labeling him “a coward”. His post continued on to make baseless allegations about Savarkar’s involvement in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. Let’s talk! 

The Blunder on X: A Vile Tirade Against Veer Savarkar

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On 16th May 2024, Naturals Spa and Salon co-founder and CEO, CK Kumaravel chose to disrespect a patriotic freedom fighter. His hideous tweet was a tirade against the leader. But why did he post such a tweet? Well, Kumaravel’s response was based on PM Modi’s challenge to the INDI Alliance to recognize Veer Savarkar’s contributions in 5 sentences. Unfortunately, Kumaravel’s venomous response lacks even a grain of truth!

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But why did CEO Kumaravel use hate speech against a freedom fighter? Well, Kumaravel is a staunch supporter of the INDI Alliance. He was also a former executive of Kamal Haasan’s Makkal Needhi Maiam. He had quit the party in 2021 after calling Kamal Haasan ‘autocratic’! After a foray into politics with a barely informed actor-turned-politician, it is no surprise that CK Kumaravel’s post was rife with misinformation against a Hindu leader. After all, the ‘sangati ka asar’ is a proven proverb in Hindi! However, his outburst has sparked widespread outrage on social media, with many calling for a boycott of Naturals Spa and Salon.

CK Kumaravel and Kamal Haasan
PC The News Minute : Kumaravle Quit the MNM in 2021

A Call to Boycott Naturals Spa and Salon

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Netizens and BJP supporters have taken due cognizance of Kumaravel’s reprehensible comments. Consequently, there is a growing movement to boycott Naturals Spa and Salon. Users on social media have been vocal about their disgust with Kumaravel and Naturals Salon. Netizens characterized this vile post with words like “verbal diarrhea,” “lies,” and “hate”. 

On a lighter note, some netizens call the salon chain a disastrous failure. They mock the company by saying a boycott is not required on this failing enterprise. However, the general opinion is that Naturals Spa and Salon CEO is an underground ‘chamcha’ of INDI Alliance leaders. Therefore, he answers the call given to INDI Alliance by assassinating the character of a freedom fighter who spent more than a decade in the toughest British jail for his Bharat Mata!

True Story of Veer Savarkar and Gandhi’s Assasination

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PC Jagran Josh

The vilification of Veer Savarkar by CK Kumaravel is not only deeply disrespectful but also completely unfounded. Historical evidence shows that Savarkar was wrongly implicated in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. Some historians suggest that the freedom fighter was framed by the Nehru cabal.

Reports suggest that Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the then law minister, opposed the Nehru cabal on this move. Furthermore, historians suspect that Dr. Ambedkar secretly met with Savarkar’s lawyer to encourage a vigorous defense. Dr. Ambedkar believed in Veer Savarkar’s innocence. And Dr. Ambedkar was proven right after his eventual acquittal in the case. 

INDI Alliance Hypocrisy on Veer Savarkar’s Mercy Plea

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Veer Savarkar was sentenced to ‘Kaala Pani.’ In this island prison of the British, men and their mindsets were broken by sheer inhumane violence. The INDI Alliance hates that Savarkar wrote mercy pleas to the British for his release. However, they forget that Nehru’s father also wrote a mercy plea on behalf of J.L. Nehru for release from jail time.

And Mahatma Gandhi himself wrote many letters to the British for the release of national leaders. However, only Veer Savarkar is singled out to be shamed by the INDI Alliance. Why? Because Savarkar supported the Hindu Rashtra theory? Does this theory scare the CON party and its friends? These historical insights reveal that Savarkar was innocent of Gandhi’s assassination. Moreover, his mercy plea should not be looked at through the biased lens of the CON party.

Please note that Rahul Gandhi faced defamation cases for his derogatory remarks about Veer Savarkar. He has himself issued two unconditional apologies to the Supreme Court for his conduct and words. However, he and the CON party continue to use Savarkar’s name in loose comments. Also, the INDI Alliance leaders make irresponsible comments about this freedom fighter. This hypocrisy of the alliance gives rise to people like CK Kumaravel, who do not read for themselves and blindly play follow-the-leader. Guess who is the Andhbhakt now?

In Summary

Natural Salon , L B Nagar | Book An Appointment
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In a nation that prides itself on the sacrifices of its freedom fighters, such slander cannot be tolerated. CK Kumaravel’s baseless attacks on Veer Savarkar are not just an insult to a single individual but an insult to the heritage of an entire nation. Thus, many netizens are ready to hurt CK Kumaravel’s purse to make this man takes note of the error of his ways.

The call to boycott Naturals Spa and Salon is gaining traction on X. Hopefully, Kumaravel would acknowledge his ignorance soon. He may even issue an apology for the same! In the end, this boycott call seems to be a statement that India will not tolerate the disrespect of its heroes. Let us all honor our true freedom fighters and reject anyone who seeks to tarnish their legacy for personal or political gains.

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