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Caste Politics: Dividing the Hindus in USA 

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Recently the Hindu diaspora in the USA has been deeply entangled in discussions about castes. The ‘toolkit’ gang in the US is ensuring that such conversations gain momentum and recognition. Thus, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate between informed viewpoints and manufactured controversies. George Soros’s henchmen and toolkit media are working against the unity of Hindus in the US. Their agenda-driven dialogues and prompts ask the critical question of how accurately is caste portrayed in American discussions. Moreover, how truly do these narratives resonate with the lived experiences of Hindus in the U.S. Finally, why is caste distinction an important agenda for the politicians in the USA. 

The Hindu Community in the US

Bharat's Fest in the US : Celebrating Hindu Culture - VSK Telangana
PC VSK Telangana

Hindus are the ideal immigrants for any nation abroad. In the US, Hindus only comprise 0.7% of the total population. While the US is home to the seventh-largest Hindu population in the world, the 2.51 million Hindus are a minute segment of American society. Approximately, 90% of American-Hindus are immigrants or the children of immigrants. The remaining 10% of Hindus are those who have chosen Hinduism as their religion at a later time in life.

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Hindus are a major contributor to USA’s economy, approximately 6% of the total GDP of the USA is contributed by the micro-minority Hindu community. Therefore, Hindus are a consolidated power group in the dynamics of the US economic world. Moreover, with increasing representation from affluent and educated Hindus, the community is an emerging force in the US democracy as well.

The clean and hardworking reputation of the Hindus has made them a formidable opponent of George Soros’ henchmen. Hindus exhibit financial responsibility through consistent tax compliance, deep religious and societal beliefs, and law-abiding outlook. The strong family-oriented approach has ensured that the young second-generation Hindus build upon the traditional values received from their parents. Hindu professionals excel in various fields, from medicine to corporate leadership, in academia, and as entrepreneurs.

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The Emerging Caste Politics in America 

Caste in the United States — EQUALITY LABS
PC Equity Labs

In recent academic and political conversations, the term ‘caste’ is repeatedly used with n Hindus. There is an obvious sustained effort to establish the myth of caste bias in Hindu societies of the USA. Thus, despite the achievements of the Hindu community, it is subjected to rising criticism related to fake caste narratives. This politically driven agenda is amplified by external forces of the ‘toolkit’ gang in the USA.

The false trend of caste suppression, minority oppression, and Brahman superiority is being malignantly used to shift the focus from the commendable contributions of Hindus.

The sustained interest in ‘caste’ is externally supported by fake surveys and reports. They shamelessly misappropriate facts to indicate a growing caste intolerance in USA. Those who are propagating this narrative are power grabbers and Soros henchmen. They want to ensure that the power of the Hindu community lies in the hands of a select few. Additionally, these select few must be puppets of the George Soros lobby or US deep state. 

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Manufacturing Oppression: Examining Seattle's New Caste Law

Consequently, Hindus in the US are being divided into Dalits, Brahmans, OBC, etc. by the US lobbyists. This alignment with Dalit-centric narratives reflects a calculated strategy to challenge the rise of Hindus. Therefore, such an attempt should be aptly identified as a white man’s policy Divide-and-Rule 2.0. The stakeholders in the Hindu community should awaken to recognize the clear attempt by the US politicians, power lobbies, and some self-centered Hindus to divide the emerging power of Hindus. 

Political Attempts to Divide the Hindu Communities

Faculty opposes inclusion of caste in US university's anti-discriminatory policy
PC EastMojo

In 2022, the California State University (CSU) board approved an amendment that integrated “caste” into the non-discrimination clause of faculty contracts. This move has sparked debate and opposition. This amendment is a clear attempt to further divide Hindus, who are already a minority group in the US. However, some reports state that specific Dalit representatives manipulated the survey and related investigations to portray Hindus negatively. Therefore, the fairness of the procedures and processes involved is under public and legal scrutiny. Moreover, there was an obvious absence of adequate representation from the opposing faction in this policy change. Thus, there was clearly a lack of equality in the process. Furthermore, the policy demonstrates the twisted political agenda behind this amendment.

California caste discrimination bill stays alive - CalMatters
PC CalMatters

Recently, California’s Assembly Judiciary Committee approved the SB403 bill. The bill aims at prohibiting caste discrimination in the workplace or society. Proponents argue that addressing caste-related challenges in the workplace, housing facilities, and other privileges, is crucial. However, the bill’s foundation rests primarily on a survey by Equality Labs, an organization with dubious affiliations. This organization claims to be working for the good of Dalits. However, it has only used the caste of Hindus to divide them into smaller sections in the US.

Equality Labs linked with Pakistani establishment and Khalistani groups. : r/IndiaSpeaks
PC Reddit

In 2018 Equity Labs performed a survey of Hindus in the US. This 47-question poll on caste-based social dynamics received only 1,500 responses. The survey represents only 4% of the total non-upper caste Hindus. However, this fact did not stop Equity Labs from making claims that Dalits are persecuted in society and organizations in the United States. This survey results are evidently non-objective. Moreover, the resulting analysis is an evident presentation of half-truths as facts.


‘Toolkit’ Media and US policy institutions are selectively reporting on Hindu caste dynamics. The focus on isolated incidents is used to mislead society and create an untrue narrative of caste bias among Hindus in the USA. The agenda-driven narratives that highlight instances of “upper caste” individuals demeaning Dalits are used in misinformation campaigns to malign Hindus. Experiences like that of Aldrin Deepak, which challenge this fake narrative, are overlooked and suppressed.

The Hindus of the world need to unite and address the realities behind the rising caste-based politics against them. The generalizations based on isolated incidents should be correctly identified as the perpetuation of misunderstandings within the Hindu Community. These are evidently acts against the might of the Hindu community. Thus, it is crucial to foster accurate discussions that reflect the diversity of experiences and combat the hatred perpetuated by ‘toolkit’ media and their loyalists. By engaging in informed discussions and separating fact from fiction, Hindus can navigate the complexities of the new divide-and-rule policies of the ‘white man’. Therefore, fostering understanding, unity, and harmony within the Hindu diaspora in the United States is the only way to keep the powers of Hindus consolidated and valid.

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