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Only Hinduism Save Europe

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The refugee crisis in Europe in 2015 contributed to a demographic change in the continent sparking social unrest now, only Hinduism can save Europe

Europe is burning, not just France but also almost every other European continent.

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Women are being raped, children are being abducted, law and order has broken down. The tension is palpable in the continent.

One of the clear reasons why this crisis occurred in the first place is due to the large scale influx of refugees, predominantly Muslim and of North African and Arab origin.

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This commenced since the refugee crisis in 2015 when more than one million refugees entered the continent via the Mediterranean Sea.

The large scale influx of refugees has certainly sparked a demographic change in the European countries.

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Problem of the Migrants

There are several problem with these migrants.

Firstly, they are alien to the culture, way of life and history of the country. While most come in search of good life, they end up disobeying the laws of the host country.

Secondly, they do not want to merge themselves with the rest of the native population, they want to maintain their identity and their religious duties. While there is no problem with that, the foundational values of the ‘you-know-who’ religion is intolerant to the core.

This completely violates the theory of melting pot. For example-Algerian or Moroccan asylum seekers in France do not learn the French language, do not believe in French values and do not obey French laws.

Thirdly, these refugees are devoutly religious, they forget that religion will not provide them with food, shelter, job or the prospect of a decent living, only science and skills will. They are scriptural literalists.

Europe in Turmoil

This demographic change has triggered social unrest in various European countries. To make matters worse Christianity is declining in Europe at an accelerated pace.

This clearly demonstrates the crisis in Western civilization which is already experiencing a morality crisis thanks to promiscuous nature and lack of influence.

The ‘you-know-who’ faith has found the perfect breeding ground to spread its evil tentacles and ignite social problem among the common civilian populace.

Hinduism to the Rescue

In any moment of crisis, we try and look for a saviour or messiah.

In Europe’s case, the messiah is Hinduism. Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma is not just a religion, it is a way of life which has been observed by the Supreme Court of our country.

On that note, only Hinduism can save a dying Europe. We are not asking Europeans to jettison Christianity and embrace Hinduism en masse.

Hinduism doesn’t work that way.

What, however, the Europeans can do is that they adopt the Sanatan way of life.

This includes following the Vedas, Bhagvad Gita, doing meditation etc.

If somebody is interested in joining the faith, they are more than welcome to do so, we don’t believe in forcing people to join unlike the ‘you-know-who’ religion.

Inter faith dialogues i.e., Hindu-Christian dialogues can be propagated to understand the good values of both religions.

The Europeans are free to unlock the mysteries of my eternal religion and if necessary study the political side of Hinduism.

We are more than willing to export Hinduism to save Europe.


It is therefore amply clear that only Hinduism can help Europe revive and reinvigorate itself. Otherwise Europe is doomed to follow the Persian fate.

Hence, only Hinduism can save Europe.

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