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The Rising Hinduphobia in the United States

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Hinduphobia is a real and growing problem in the United States. In recent years, there have been a number of high-profile incidents of Hinduphobic violence and discrimination, including the attack on a Hindu temple in New York City and the vandalization of an Indian consulate in Chicago.

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In an interview Pushpita Prasad, a member of the Coalition of Hindus of North America (CoHNA), spoke out about the Hinduphobic attacks against Hindus in the United States. She argues that the Hindu community has achieved a lot of economic success, but this has overshadowed the “very deep forces” that are now attacking them. She cites the example of Hindu temples and Indian consulates being attacked, and says that this has led to the Hindu American community “going into hibernation.”

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The Rise of Hinduphobia

There are a number of factors that have contributed to the rise of Hinduphobia in the United States. One factor is the increasing visibility of Hinduism in the country. As the Hindu American population has grown, so too has the amount of attention that Hinduism has received from the media and the general public. This attention has not always been positive. The most obvious attempt at Hinduphobia is the anti-Modi campaigns that are run to malign Indians abroad. Another is the use of false data or misrepresented facts to show India, and consequently Hindus, as an intolerant and bigoted population. 

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The US deep state would love to have the resources of the Indian diaspora under their control. They would also love to exploit India using a puppet government. Therefore, the US deep state views the BJP government and PM Modi as an enemy. They respond to this threat to their power using the promotion of Hinduphobia in the United States. Moreover, the rise of religious intolerance in the US creates the perfect climate to promote disputes among the local communities. Thus, they turn a blind eye to all activities that target minority religious groups, including Hindus.

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Impact of Hinduphobia

Anti-Hindu Disinformation: A Case Study of Hinduphobia on Social Media
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The rise of Hinduphobia has had a significant impact on the Hindu-American community. Many Hindus are now afraid to hold public events or gather to worship, for fear of being attacked. This self-censorship has only served to further isolate the Hindu community and make it more vulnerable to discrimination.

Research shows that 15% of Hindus have faced verbal abuse as a result of anti-Hindu sentiments in the US.

The FBI 2020 report on hate crimes documents 30 instances of crimes against Hindus in the US. The Hindu American Foundation reposts 119 incidents of Hinduphobia in the United States in 2021. At least 30% of Hindus have faced discrimination in some form in their workspace in the US.

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These reports show the fear and intimidation that Hindus live under in the United States. The other negative consequences for the Hindu American community include:

  • Increased levels of stress and anxiety
  • Decreased sense of belonging and safety
  • Difficulty accessing religious resources
  • Increased risk of discrimination in employment and housing

How to Combat Hinduphobia?

Georgia Becomes 1st American State To Pass Resolution Against Hinduphobia
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The rise of Hinduphobia needs to be addressed seriously and tenaciously. The Hindu diaspora is an important part of the fabric of American society. This minority community contributes 6% to the GDP of the USA. Their open hearts and minds deserve respect and dignity. There are a number of things that can be done to combat Hinduphobia, including:

  • Raise awareness of the extent of Hinduphobia in the United States. It will raise sympathy and understanding among the communities in the USA. The more people understand this complex and subtle issue, the easier it is to combat Hinduphobia. 
  • There are a number of Hindu organizations that are working to combat Hinduphobia. These organizations need support from the US government and other authorities to continue their important work.
  • Societal rejection of all acts that promote Hinduphobia shall ultimately stop this discrimination in its tracks. 
  • Educate interested people about Hinduism to dissolve any bubbles of misconceptions in their minds about the Hindu community. This step is pivotal to reducing prejudice and discrimination against Hindus. 
  • There are a number of legal protections in place for religious minorities in the United States. These protections need to be enforced for Hindus to practice their faith without fear of discrimination or violence.


Hinduphobia in Metro Atlanta: Can we stop it before it grows?
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Hinduphobia is looked at as a myth in the minds of Indians. However, the statistics prove such statements false. The Hindu community strives to excel in foreign land, while they face intolerance at work, home, or school. The tag of ‘brown skin’ and ‘cow-worshiper’ sticks to Hindus in the US. The new additions of violent, intolerant, and bigot will add to their struggles. 

Therefore, Indian Hindus abroad struggle to raise awareness of the silent monster of Hinduphobia. Their legal and social efforts should be encouraged by the Indian and US governments to ensure ‘freedom of religion’ to all.

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