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Discover the new Hinduphobic UK

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Lately, the number of reports of ant-Hindu or Hinduphobic acts at various strata of society has increased. A survey noted that close to 50% Hindu students suffer from racial discrimination or alienation in school. UK-Indians continue to report incidents of “beef-hurling”, “convert to Islam”, “attack on Hindu residential areas”, etc. The daily life of the smart, well-behaved, and polite Hindu community members continues to be fraught with tensions.

Hindus as a backbone of UK

The UK Hindu community makes up only 1.8% of the total population. This small minority population contributes nearly 6.5% to the GDP of the UK. Nearly 70% of Hindus are economically active. 59% of Hindus in the UK have a degree in higher education; this is nearly double of the native Christian population. The Indian diaspora continuously contributes to the UK society.

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Is Rising Hinduphobia In The West a Mere Coincidence? - Bharat Express
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While the UK has a Hindu Prime Minister, the community faces social discrimination and hate-crimes by Islamists on foreign soil. The young members of the community have faced alienation and racial slurs since the election of Rishi Sunak. The residences, work-place and private property of Hindus are repeatedly targeted by the exponentially increasing Muslim community.

Changing Demography of the UK

The demography of the UK has changed drastically and alarmingly. In 2011 the UK had a 59% Christian population, approximately 33 million people. However despite an increase in the population by 6.5%, in 2021 only 46% of the UK identified as a Christian, approximately 26 million people. Contrarily, the 2021 census of the UK noted an increasing number of Muslims in the country.

The Muslim community in the UK has a population of approximately 4 million. This is a 44% increase in the last decade. The UK is slowly being Islamized from within silently.

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Hate-Crimes by the UK Islamists 

Communal Flare-up in Leicester: Hindu Temple attacked by Muslim thugs, Cops hit by mob. | Struggle for Hindu Existence
PC Hindu Existence

The rise of Hinduphobia can be observed with the rise in hate-crimes against Hindus in the UK. The anti-Hindu hate-crimes have increased by 200% in 2021 in comparison to 2018. Hindu communities experienced organized violence in Leicester and Birmingham in the latter half of 2022. The homes, temples, and property of Hindus was vandalized by a mob triggered by fake news. 

A female Hindu college student had to resign from her post as the President of the Student Council in the Oxford University. The student, Rashmi Samant, was bullied on social media and the college campus for her old posts. The colorful labels of extremist, transphobic, and racist were attached to her name by the cyber bullies. The systemic persecution and organized crime is on the rise against the UK-Indian.

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The local authorities blame the riots on the political tensions of the Indian subcontinent. The self proclaimed “peace-loving” Muslims of the UK continue to propagate disharmony and unrest in the nation. They have damaged private and public property worth more than a million pounds. The support for the Hindus of UK from the Indian motherland is also severely lacking. While the Indian government raised concerns over the rise in the Hindus related hate-crimes, it failed to sway the UK government in taking affirmative action to protect the community.

A Word of Caution to the UK

The UK government struggles with inflation, recession, unemployment, and unrest in the country. The government continues to focus majorly on issues of primary concern of the native population. However, the country must also beware of its rising Muslim population. If Uk politicians leave the extremists unchecked, the UK and India will be in the same boat facing the demands of Sharia Law by the so-called “peace-loving” Muslims.

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