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Islamic Grooming Gangs, Rishi Sunak’s Strict Action

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United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has taken bold steps to confront and crush the grooming gangs. Grooming gangs in UK are a rising menace which are preying on kids, teenage children and girls. This crime has taken a proper organised structure in UK. Especially, the organised grooming gangs and the criminals belong to a particular religion, that has been the focus of most the debate going on around it.

What Is The Issue?

In a recent announcement through social media, Rishi Sunak has made clear that his government is going to take strict action against grooming gangs.

What are Grooming gangs actually? Grooming gang are the organised criminal gang which prey upon children, teenagers and young girls. Increasing number of rapes, child abuse and child trafficking are wreaking havoc on the vulnerable children and teenagers in UK. To combat this grave social issue UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has declared that he will do whatever it takes.

Steps Taken To Curb Grooming Gangs

Rishi Sunak has launched a task force of specialist police officers He is also very strict in the way severe punishment is given to the perpetrators.

Since child abuse is a grave crime, he has also announced to keep a mandatory track of the children working with adults. In case any abuse happens, the authorities must reach the victims as soon as possible. Since the victims and reports of the crimes has often been ignored, the PM is insistent upon taking strict action.

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Moreover, the police shall use the collected data to ensure the ethnicity of the suspects. His statement is very clear on mentioning the ethnicity of the criminals. He said,

“Political correctness should never get in the way of keeping young girls safe.”

Altogether, the new task force will assist the police forces in the investigation of the grooming criminals.

Huddersfield Grooming Gang

The Pakistani origin British men are the leaders of the Huddersfield Grooming gang. The gang is active in West Yorkshire. This gang has been convicted in the largest number of heinous crimes.


Why ‘Muslim Grooming’ Is An Issue?

Ethnicity has been a crucial issue in all aspects of Western life. Because of the trans-national mixing of populations. Therefore, ethnicity is one core identification and distinguisher.

But, in case of grooming too ethnicity of the criminals has taken the centre stage. And especially people are blaming upon the Pakistani- British men

A rape survivor Dr. Ella Hill said in an interview that around grooming gangs have raped almost half a million non-Muslim girls.  She said that these crimes have occurred in over 40 years by the gangs led by Muslim men. The man who raped was also Pakistani-British. She told in the interview that, these men when abducted her wanted to even change her name.[1]


The word ‘grooming gang’ is quite deceptive. However it must be clearly noted that people are rising against the offensive ideology and crime. Therefore, it has come as a serious issue which was raised by the Prime Minister of the country himself. Involvement of the Islamic ideology in sexual crimes and assaults has escalated all over Europe. However, the leadership is denying to target any one ethnicity or religion, but the core issue need to be addressed.

This is in the same pattern followed in India as well. The love jihad and extensive killing of Hindus over no-issue is a rising crime in these many years. The rising fear and targeted killings of the girls in a brutal way has already shaken Indians. Therefore, this universal pattern must be noted as soon as it becomes a cancer.






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