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Christian Missionaries attempt Proselytising people in World Book Fair

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Since ages Christian missionaries have adopted this strategy of free distribution of pocket Bibles. This practice continues till date in using innovative places to propagate their religion. However, the Christ conversion gang is unabashedly moving on with their conversion agenda. Recently, in the World Book Fair, a group was accused of luring people to get converted. And unequivocally distributing objectionable material against Hindu Dharma.

What is the issue?

The World Book Fair going on in Delhi has created a buzz induced with the Abrahamic mindset. Jai Bhagwan Goyal who is the National President of Rashtrawadi Shiv Sena drew notice towards a serious thing going on in the book fair.

The stalls by Christian missionaries were giving out free Bibles apart from that they were putting out objectionable content against Hinduism.

The United Hindu Front demanded the stalls to be closed. To counter this adamant attempt by the Christian Missionaries, United Hindu Front came forward with a protest. Thanks to United Hindu Front who came forward and busted their agendas.

Vinod Kapri jumped in to Support bible

Some non-entities, who are basically made for few laughs out there are now giving gyan to Hindus as to how they must behave. One of them is Vinod Kapri who is a journalist.  And now, blemishes Hinduism day in and out. While he was also handed over one of the free bibles, he jumped in and started preaching how great it is about reading Bible. While, condemning the protests against Christian missionaries in the book fair.


He appealed people that everyone must read Bible and he is a true Sanatani. Because so to say he believes in peace and solidarity. And even quoting from the Bible, in an alrming tone he says, ““For such people, it is said in the Bible – What is the nature of a sinner? After your death, you will surely get the results of the acts you commit in this life. Don’t be deceived. God can not be mocked. You will reap what you sow…”

Conversion Gangs need strong resistance

Just two months before we have seen how Jihadi gang was spreading fake propaganda about Hindu Dharma in sacred Magh Mela. These accused were recent converts to Islam. While, in the Book Fair we see how unashamed the conversion gangs are in spreading fake material against Hindus. This shows the rigidity and complete back-end support of the Abrahamic cults getting. While Hindus are only equipped with their will-power and the grace of their ancestors. Because, at this very point every nook and corner of the institutions are filled with either Secular or outward Abrahamic agendas. Contrarily, anything that is put forward  denoting ancient Bharat and Hindu Dharma is blatantly categorised as saffronization.





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