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Jaipur Dialogues Initiative – Random Unceasing Low-Level Scattered Violence (RULLS)

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Jaipur Dialogues has started an initiative to highlight the suffering of Hindus in their own country. In the only country, they can call home, Hindus have been mistreated, alienated, tortured, humiliated, exploited, abused, and deprived of fundamental rights. Hindus have been kept as pariahs and have been made scapegoats by the ruling political class at the hands of the fanatic Abrahamics.

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Why RULLS Is Needed

Hindus have been harmed and their culture destroyed by Muslims and Christians who have exploited India for their religious experimentation. In order to demonstrate the continuous assault against Hindus, RULLS data has been collected to form an extensive database.

India has been painted in a negative light over and over again by the leftist cabal and vested global intelligentsia. In 2014, after Modi came to power, a deliberate attempt was made to paint India in biased communal tones in order to promote Hinduphobia.

Islamists under ongoing Jihad are targeting Hindus, killing them brutally, assaulting them, looting them, forcing them to convert, raping them, and robbing them.

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There are many attacks perpetrated against Hindus every day, and RULLS contains in-depth information about them. The RULLS database includes Hindus who have been attacked in other countries as well besides India. The Hindus have become the most ostracized and treated as pariahs even though they have never engaged in any brutal combat like Abrahamics.

Islamic And Christianity – Savage Rule

The brutal and savage Islamists unleashed atrocities upon Hindus from the time of their rule over Bharatvarsha. Under Islamic rule, especially during the Mughal period, Hindus were forced to convert or pay Jizya. In the aftermath of repeated forced conversions, Hindus were reduced to present-day Indian territory due to Islamic onslaughts. The book Fatwa-E-Alamgiri, written under Aurangzeb’s rule, depicted how Muslims viewed Kafirs, a reality still present in the minds of modern Muslims. Various forms of Jihad adopted by Muslims to damage Hindu interests are manifestations of the ills infiltrating Islamic ideals.

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The fiendish British rule overtook India after the Islamic rule, and the state of affairs was very sad for the Bharatvarsha. A broken society and the barbarous rule of the Mughals contributed to the impoverishment of the country. Christian Britishers swept through the nation like vultures, looting and spreading Christianity. By demeaning the superior and advanced practices and pedagogy of the Sanatan Dharma, in the name of promoting modern-day and forward-looking British education, the Britishers systematically weakened the socio-cultural fabric of the nation.

In addition to destroying the ancient Gurukul system, the British promoted a foreign concept of caste and pressured Hindus into infighting. The British attempted to convert people and instill hatred for Sanatan Dharma among Hindus during this entire process. Spreading Christianity was an economic ploy to have a ready workforce for the British.

RULLS- Importance

Eventually and repeatedly, the Abrahamics attacked Hindus, displacing them from their culture, dividing them, and making them mentally vulnerable. The current left-wing cabal’s attacks on Hindus are nothing more than a modern version of the previous attacks on Hindus. These attacks have made Hindus more susceptible to the Abrahamics’ deceptive ploy. This divisiveness has made Hindus a weak socio-political force, thereby resulting in politicians in India but also global systems disparaging them. The cruelty Hindus face every day is nothing new, but the sad part is that Hindus themselves are oblivious to it.

If Hindus fail to understand the constant threat they are living under, it shall prove to be a costly proposition for their survival. The attempt to release RULLS is an attempt to ignite the spirit of Shatrubodh and Aatmbodh amongst the Hindus of today. One to make them realize that the world is harsh, cruel, bitter, and exploitative towards them. The façade of promoting global brotherhood and unity is nothing but just a means to finish the Indic civilization.

Objectives of RULLS:

  1. To ignite the fire of Shatrubodh amongst Hindus
  2. To show to the global order that it’s the Hindus who in reality are under attack on their own land and not vice-versa
  3. To prove the devastating effects of various forms of Jihad on Hindus
  4. Maintain a factual database of all the cases where Hindus have been victims
  5. To disprove the statement that minorities aren’t safe in India, and show the reality of Hindu minorities in neighboring Islamic nations
  6. To make Hindus realize that they need to wake up before it gets too late
  7. Awaken and sensitize the political governing and administrative machinery of India towards the violence afflicted on Hindus.

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