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International Conspiracy Towards Regime Change In India

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The Western nations are increasingly conspiring against the Indian political structure, particularly focusing their malice to overthrow PM Modi and topple the current regime. The Biden regime selected Eric Garcetti as the Ambassador of India, setting the tone towards Anti Modi agenda.

Eric Garcetti As The Ambassador Of India

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Eric Garcetti was the Mayor of LA. He was a big factor in the crowning of Joe Biden and even Kamala Harris. He is a “concerned” Human Rights activist who championed in against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Not only that, he has also pledged his loyalty and support for the “activists” protesting the CAA in India.

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Former Force Commander of the National Security Guard Brigadier V Mahalingam also questioned the need for Eric to be stationed in India.

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It is evident that the US is stationing their “eyes and ears” in the heart of India for disruption of the government’s working and to support anti-India elements. He is clearly coming to India to work as an activist.

Eric Garcetti’s intentions for the justice of Human Rights campaigning fall short specially since his close aide, Rick Jacobs, was involved in sexual misconduct. Garcetti knew of it and ensured the cover up of the same.

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Constant Attack On Modi

This is not the first attack that PM Modi has faced from forces looking to breakdown India. Recently, George Soros came out in the open and clearly stated his intent to topple the Modi government. It comes as no surprise that all those seeking to overthrow Modi are in cahoots with the Indian National Congress as well.

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During his Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi garnered support from Salil Shetty – the VP of the Open Society Foundation. The fundings are courtesy George Soros.

The secularists have started a new debate of Hindutva and Hinduism on the forefront to confuse the masses. Meanwhile, in the backdrop, the likes of Rahul Gandhi are asking for foreign intervention to “save” Indian democracy. It is one thing that the fellow does not think before he open his mouth, but here he has crossed a line. The Congress is of course cleaning his mess and defending him.

Coming back to Soros, his vile spew of hate for the PM has revealed his intent to the people. However, this does not reduce the threat these forces pose to the country. In fact, now that this is out in the open, their motives for disrupting the Indian democracy is all the more fatal.

Modi for 2024

With the 2024 elections drawing to a close, the forces of the West are also gearing up. They want to see a Left Liberal candidate seated on the Indian seat of power. Further, they have also started a Hinduphobic propaganda in the US. According to the West media, the minorities of the country will not survive the “hate” of Modi. In lieu of such low propaganda against the country, it is imperative that the country unites. Let these clowns harp away hate through their microphones. The people of India need to stand up united to protect our Bharat against these vile agendas. The country has progressed in the last nine years under the direction of Modi. Let us give him the mandate again in 2024 and give these clowns something to harp about!

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