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Rashmi Samant Puts Forth Report on Islamic Leicester Violence Against Hindus

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The violence in Leicester is a direct example of how Islamic mob violence works. It had been evident in India as of now, but now the strategy has taken an international stage. So, the violence which the people of Leicester and London experienced last year has now been investigation. During the fact finding investigation some surprising elements have surfaced and some obvious. So, in order to put those facts before the British authorities Rashmi Samant has led the group before British House of Commons.

What Is The Issue?

Centre for Democracy Pluralism and Human Rights (CDPHR) is an independent research group which works for the rights of Hindus. The group had conducted a fact-finding investigation of the Leicester violence against Hindus. The violence created an international issues, where Hindus were targeted. Even though the Hindus were the victims, the violators created a mist that Hindus escalated the situation; which was utterly a lie.

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To investigate the cause of all the situations CDPHR conducted this investigation. Rashmi Samant who is a well-known Hindu activist presented the report in the UK House of Commons.

Violence Was Planned

The report revealed that the violence targeting Hindus was a planned action. The target was Hindus by the Islamic jihadis whose real target was to demonise Hindus. Therefore, the strategy used before the violence was use a propaganda of the kidnapping of a Muslim girl and stabbing of Muslim traffic cop. Even the false news of desecration of Quran was spread. Therefore, this shows how strategically whole violence was conducted by the Islamist groups.

Media and Authorities Were Involved

The report also highlights that the violence in Leicester was really mishandled by the authorities. Moreover, the reporting by the media houses like BBC was very much flawed and against the Hindus. The biasness shown by the local media and even international organisations while talking about the violence was Hindumisic.

Meanwhile, social media became the biggest weapon to spread fake news across the city. And the violence was invoked after Pakistan’s defeat in cricket match.

The messages like ‘Hindutva nationlism’ were spread and targeted attacks made through Islamist accounts. Majid Freeman was the key culprit in spreading fake news through his twitter account.

Rise in Muslim Population

As it is a well known fact that Europe is seeing a surge in Muslim population. So, the report by the group also lays out the grave situation of influx of Muslims in that area. There has been a twice the rise in Muslim population. This happened due to higher birth rates and even rising migration. And surprisingly, the major chunk of migrants are from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Somalia.

This is a common factor rising across the nations that change in demography change the social structure of the society as well. Therefore, rising Muslim population is an alarming sign in any of the area.

If we particularly see East Leicester which was the epicentre of the targeted violence, Hindus are very few in number, only 2%. While Muslims are 4% of the general population and 17 % of the prison population.


What the report says is not something new in the observed pattern of Islamic crimes. But, this is something grave which has been played as a vicious plan against global Hindu community. The report definitely alarms us that how planned violence is done and in future such patterns are going to be followed. Therefore, it is a blueprint and a warning for Hindus all across the world. So that they can maintain a vigilance on any such elements which are trying to play against Hindus and harm them.









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