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Never Forget These Atrocities!

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The media is mostly Left aligned and therefore whatever news trickles through their channelling, is whitewashed with agenda. However, as painful as it is, the Hindus need to remember these Islamic atrocities of the past three decades. These unpleasantries are allowed to be forgotten but not anymore. Let us dive right into it!

1992 Ajmer Rape and Blackmail Scandal

A chilling case of rape and blackmail that ravaged more than 250 girls aged 11-20 years. They were blackmailed, raped and tortured. Those screams, and helplessness of these girls mostly from Hindu families. The perpetrators were Farooq Chisti and Nafees Chisti of the Youth Congress.

A young school girl Sangita was lured by Nafees and Farooq on pretext of a position in the Congress. A couple of days later, they “met” her on her way to school and offered to drop her. Unaware of any foul play, Sangita let them escort her, however, they took her to a farmhouse instead. Nafees raped her whilst Farooq clicked compromising images of the young girl.

This incriminating photograph was the bargain chip against Sangita and they forced her to introduce them to more young girls. Thus many girls were trapped and raped by the duo and none of them got back any photographs that were clicked by the sick duo. Thus the circle of blackmailing only grew bigger.

The incident came to public attention when a photo colour lab employee printed the nude photographs of the women and circulate them. On 21 April 1992 and 15 May 1992, Santosh Gupta wrote Dainik Navajyoti reports about sexual exploitation.

Thirty years later, the victims who now have children of their own and a few of them have grandkids as well, still wait justice. They are called to the court but the justice still needs to be delivered – three decades later!

Nadimarg Massacre

There will be hardly a single Hindu soul whose soul did not cry out upon the Nadimarg Massacre of 2003. On the evening of March 23, 2003, gunmen wearing military-style clothing showed up in the remote Nadimarg village of Shopian and asked the Kashmiri Pandits there to assemble outside.

Before, the massacre, the terrorists first went to the police picket, set up to safeguard Pandits of the village. Presently, 9 policemen had been posted here, while 20 constables had been withdrawn before the assembly elections. These nine cops were supposed to look after the protection of 55 families in a radius of 15-20 km. These poorly motivated policemen meekly surrendered their weapons.

The terrorists, after looting arms and ammunition of the policemen, went to knock at the doors of Kashmiri Pandit houses. They commanded them to assemble in the compound near the picket under a Chinar tree. The looted goods were put in a matador. The Pandits thought, possibly the intention of the terrorists was to loot them and their lives would be spared. But soon after the matador was despatched, the terrorists opened fire.

Zia Mustafa lined up 23 unsuspecting Kashmiri Hindus. They were shot point blank. As Zia ran he heard a baby cry. “Ye karnawun chupe” said his friend. The baby became the 24th victim. His name was Monu.

The case was dismissed by the court and opened again post Vivek Agnihotri’s The Kashmir Files.

Never Ceasing Violence

Most recent event was perpetrated upon the Hindus in Delhi during the Shaheen Bagh Protests. Young Hindu girls were undressed and forced to walk home naked; Hindu businesses were destroyed, shops picketed. The casualties were masked, however, the gruesome murder of Intelligence Bureau (IB) officer Ankit Sharma, whose body was recovered from a drain, was the last nail of subduing the Hindus could tolerate. AAP councillor and Kejriwal’s aide Tahir Hussainand 10 others for killing Ankit Sharma after three years.

Wake Up Call

This should be a wake up call to all Hindus across the world. They need to remember these Islamic atrocities, which are the tip of the iceberg! These should wrenching events do not even cover 1% of the Islamic atrocities that the “peacefuls” have perpetrated upon the Hindu community. The Hindus need to Wake Up Now! These Islamic atrocities should never be Forgotten nor Forgiven!


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