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Europe in A State of War

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The burning down of a 16th century church in France shows that Europe is in a state of war, the sooner they realize the better

Make no mistake. Europe is in a state of war. It is neither a world war nor a war against any other European, African or Asian country.

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Europe is at war with Islam.

The riots that engulfed France earlier this month in the aftermath of a fatal shooting of a 17 year teenager of North African descent has battered France.

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Islamist mobs ran amok throughout France.

They burnt houses, shops, buildings, public vehicles, committed looting, engaged in arson and even burnt down the house of a French mayor.

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Not even the library, one of the most sacred public spaces in any city was spared. This is a war of history, a war being fought in the minds of the people,

It is a war against lenient border regime, a war against relaxed Islamists.

Explaining the Nature of the War

The riots in France amply demonstrates that it is only a matter of time before the rest of Europe burns.

Europe is clearly in a state of war.

It is a prelude to the existential conflict that Europeans will have to fight to preserve their culture, institutions and ideas from the onslaught of Islam.

This is a civilizational war. A war between Christian Europe and the parasite called Islam in its political form i.e., Islamism.

This, however, is not knew, civilizational wars was fought between Christians and Muslims before.

It was called Crusades. Karen Armstrong in Holy War: The Crusades and Their Impact on Today’s World argues that the war that Christendom waged against Islam from the 11th till the 14th centuries for the reclamation of the Holy lands from Muslim control is also playing out today vigorously, albeit differently.

The civilizational war is a battle for resources, for keeping intact the way of life that the European people have to fight to preserve.

The French love liberty, but this incident that has jarred them will require Europeans in particular to use countermeasures.

Such countermeasures are necessary to avoid the outright Islamization of Europe and the imposition of Shariat.

Islam – War is Essential

The very history of Islam has been full of conquests and wars (just like Europe in the Middle Ages).

As a part of its political goals, Islam used its most fearsome tool-jihad to spread this new ‘faith’ to distant lands.

This religion never believed in equality, polytheism, tolerance and always knew that its goal is to Islamize the world.

The goal was and still is to eradicate other faiths and cleanse the land of infidels.

War and conversion, whether forceful or peaceful are the two principle goals of this monotheistic religion.

Lessons for Bharat

Firstly, unity among Hindus and people of other Indic faiths is the need of the hour. We can no longer adopt an ostrich like attitude.

Secondly, cracking down hard on illegal immigration, this will require strengthening of border vigilance and border safety including the introduction of electronic & smart fences.

Thirdly, making more and more Bharatiyas aware of their roots-their culture, identity i.e., who they are.

Finally, harnessing the power of social media to disseminate the knowledge about the foe, particularly about the need to strengthen Hindutva as an essential bulwark to the ‘you-know-who’ community.



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