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Pro-India Rally Fights Back Against Pro-Khalistan Forces in Canada

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The recent Pro-Khalistan protest march in Toronto, Canada saw a solid pushback from the pro-Indian forces. The approximately 250 protestors gathered outside the Indian consulate building. They were protesting the death of Hardeep Singh Nijjar. The Indian government states that Nijjar actively promoted violence in the Khalistani separation movement in India. Moreover, he was also instrumental in operating terrorist networks in Punjab under the guise of pro-Khalistani protests.

WATCH: Khalistan Supporters Protest Outside Indian Consulate In Canada's Toronto, Desecrate Triclour; Face Counterdemonstration
PC Free Press Journal

How did the Pro-India Rally Suppress the Khalistanis?

The Indians took out a rally on the same day and on the same streets. The two groups walked on opposite sides of the road with the Canadian police sandwiched in between. The pro-India group sang loud chants of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and “Vande Mataram”. The Indian diaspora supported the pro-India rally, including Punjabis and Sikhs. Most Indians abroad do not identify with the Khalistani agenda. Some people even had protesters that claimed “Khalistani are not Sikhs” to distinguish the Khalistani ideology from the beliefs of Sikhs from India.

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Canada Pro Khalistan Protest: Indian diaspora in Toronto waves Tricolour to counter pro-Khalistani protesters - The Economic Times
PC The Economic Times

Their chants of “Long Live India” were in direct contrast to the “Kill India” banners of the Khalistanis. The protestors tried to save the Indian flag whenever the Khalistanis insulted it. Their skirmishes had the police arrest 2 Khalistani protestors. Other protests in Vancouver and Surrey were poorly attended. These events showcase that Indians are uniting under BJP and PM Modi. They are unafraid to express themselves to protect the pride and integrity of India on foreign land. Hopefully, they will stop any further efforts by pro-Khalistanis to defame India in the Liberals ruled Canada.

Why are the Pro-Khalistan Forces coming forward?

Pro-Khalistan forces were suppressed during Indira Gandhi’s governance in the 1980s. Most of them were either jailed or reformed. However, a small batch used their connections and money to settle in countries like the UK, USA, and Canada. Despite the forced relocation, their agenda did not change. They keep trying to incite hatred in the hearts of Sikhs and Punjabis against India. 

Pro-Khalistanis object to being part of India. They want a separate land carved out of Indian territory for themselves.

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However, most of them live abroad. They create a nuisance in the name of Khalistan on foreign land. Moreover, they threaten Indian diplomats’ lives. Lately, investigations show their links with Pakistani terror groups. Thus, the true face of the Pro-Khalistan movement is revealed.

DisInfo Lab on Twitter: "Friends of Kashmir Another activism shop set up by Ghazala H. Khan who is associated with Kashmir Khalistan Referendum Front (KKRF), alongside Gurpatwant Pannun, from Sikhs for Justice,
PC Twitter DisinfoLabs

In reality, they accept that their mission will not succeed in forming Khalistan by dividing India. Thus, their true aim has shifted to creating insurgency groups in Punjab and surrounding states. Their followers arm the local rebellions in India and falsely publicize the government as a fascist regime. They have long become part of the ‘toolkit’ gang. Their goals are now focused on keeping India in the news for the wrong reasons. They spread anger against Indians and incite ‘hate crimes’ in the name of the Pro-Khalistan Movement. They are being guided by the ‘toolkit’ gang and its branches. The politicians in the pockets of George Soros provide them with opportunities and protection to portray a negative image of India.

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Thus, although Indians do not support this movement, the toolkit governments provide them with the required public platform for protests. However, the recently united opposition from the Pro-India forces has successfully foiled their plans. Hopefully, Indians will continue to stop such gangs in India and abroad. Indians must remember “United We Stand” is not just a slogan but a true strategy for the progress of India.  

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