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Empty Apologies Prior To Manoj Muntashir’s Next Project On Maa Sita

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Manoj Muntashir, a controversial lyricist and dialogue writer, issued an apology on Twitter to respected sages and devotees of Lord Shri Ram. He acknowledged that the dialogues he wrote for the film ‘Adipurush’ had hurt public sentiments and expressed his unconditional apologies with folded hands to all the devotees. In his tweet, he also sought the blessings of Lord Bajrang Bali and the strength to serve the holy Sanatan and the country.

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Previously, Manoj Muntashir had defended his work in the film ‘Adipurush,’ particularly the contentious dialogues written for the character of Lord Hanuman. He justified the dialogues by stating that Hanuman ji is a devotee and not God, and his devotion made him revered as God.

However, his explanations and defense received public criticism and enraged Hindus across the country.

Old videos of the lyricist went viral on the internet, where he discussed the backstory of adopting the pen name ‘Muntashir’ and his preference for Urdu poetry.

Next Project On Maa Sita

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Whilst the apology seemed to come late, something seemed off about the whole process. It turns out Manoj Muntashir is writing dialogues for another project featuring our Hinduism. The project is “Sita – The Incarnation”. Following the disastrous “Adipurush”, Manoj issued an empty apology so that the outrage for is next debacle is not raised!

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Belittling Sanatana

People like Manoj Muntashir are a living example of a greedy leech. They release such propaganda ridden content. The higher purpose ensures that such content stays on copy and exists on OTT platform. This is such a perfect way to influence young mind and pollute them against their own culture!

It is shameful that creatures of such a breeding exist, but this is the hard reality. So it is urged that not only the adults be mindful of the content they are consuming but also protect your little ones from such belittling nonsense. They will be the future of Sanatana and we need to shield and protect them from the garbage vomited by the film industry!

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