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Indian Consulate In San Francisco Subjected To Arson Attack By Khalistanis

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A group associated with the Khalistani movement carried out an arson attack on the Indian consulate in San Francisco, United States. The Khalistanis set fire to the building between 1:30 am and 2:30 am. Fortunately, the damage was limited, and no staff members were harmed. The San Francisco fire department quickly extinguished the fire, and local, state, and federal authorities were promptly informed. A video capturing the incident has since gone viral on social media.

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The official spokesperson of the US State Department, Matthew Miller, issued a statement. He strongly condemned the act of vandalism and attempted arson against the Indian Consulate. Miller emphasized that any acts of vandalism or violence targeting diplomatic facilities or foreign diplomats within the US are criminal offenses.

Another Attack By Khalistanis

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Prior to this incident, in March of this year, supporters of the Khalistani movement attacked the Indian consulate in San Francisco.

A video circulated on social media, showing individuals affiliated with Khalistan damaging the property and displaying Khalistan flags.

These extremists managed to breach the makeshift security barriers set up by local authorities, placed two Khalistani flags inside the consulate. They caused significant damage to the building. However, consulate personnel later removed the flags.

India’s Retort

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On June 3, India’s External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar, stated that India would address the issue of Khalistanis threatening Indian diplomats. The Khalistanis are terrorising through posters circulated in Canada with the government of Justin Trudeau. Jaishankar expressed India’s request to partner countries like Canada, the United States, the UK, and Australia to refrain from supporting or providing a platform to Khalistani elements. He further cautioned that such actions could negatively impact bilateral relations. The minister’s statement came after Khalistani posters containing threats against Indian diplomats emerged in Canada.

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