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Changing the Asylum Regime

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The flawed asylum regime of France has been its undoing, it is imperative that the French and European revamp them immediately

The rampage continues in France. Rioters continue to wreck havoc in French cities. The so-called ‘protests’ continue to spread, even as the people of France continue to suffer.

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The government’s response, however, has been mostly swift. What is most concerning is that the riots in response to the fatal shooting of the 17 year Algerian teenager has spread to other European nation-states.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say the riots in France is, to a large extent, the outcome of the flawed liberal refugee and asylum or in short- border regime.

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It is imperative that the French change it.

A New Asylum Regime

Asylum regimes are a matter of conflict.

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Borders have been a matter of intense contestation since the emergence of the Westphalian state system in 1648 following the termination of the Thirty years war in Europe.

This dispute is all the more contentious in this era of globalization.

It needs to be kept in mind that finance, capital are mobile, human beings aren’t.

They bring a lot of baggage with them-either good or bad, many a times the latter turns out to be way to nasty.

It is imperative that Europe in general and France in particular urgently revamp their border regime.

Some inputs are in order-

Firstly, a thorough profile check of the refugees and asylum seekers entering the country. This should be done keeping in mind the increasing crime rates among refugees and asylum seekers from West Asia.

Secondly, this is a bit more contentious-establishing a surveillance state as far as protection of the internal security is concerned.

The borders, especially along the maritime route should be fitted with cameras, dog squads etc.

Thirdly, designating countries like Iraq, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Lebanon etc as the hotspot of trouble.

Also, barring people from such countries to enter the country. Britain’s current asylum policy offers a case in point.

Fourthly, making the EU Schengen visa regime and citizenship rules tougher.

Also, immediately deport the refugees who have any criminal track record or have engaged in any riotous activity whatsoever.

It baffles one to understand that why is it always the refugees from the Middle East and South Asia, particularly Pakistan that stir trouble and not Ukrainian or any other Christian refugees.

Well the religion and cultural attitude of the ‘you-know-who’ community speaks volumes of their actions and mentality.

Migrants arriving via mechanized boat.

 European Asylum Regime-Lessons for India

India is a non-signatory to the 1951 UN convention on the non-refoulement of refugees and, hence is not under any obligation to entertain refugees in its homeland.

Notwithstanding that legal obligation, India has, throughout her history ,provided shelter to persecuted people for centuries.

It continues to provide refugees who fled the military crackdown in Myanmar, numbering more than 50,000 with safe haven.

However, when it comes to the issue of Rohingyas, let’s be under no illusion. They are not invited here, they are nothing but potent security threat to India, especially from the perspective of Islamist terrorism and radicalism.

They need to be found and deported without any concern for ‘human rights’ or outrage in international media circles.

New Delhi must learn the fact that people of all hues and shades are not welcome. India cannot burden this weight of hosting refugees anymore.

The same applies to the refugees from Myanmar.

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