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Drug Addict Teenager Kills 6-year-old in Rampur

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A recent report states that a 13-year-old boy smashed the head of a 6-year-old child. The incident took place in Rampur. The victim was Yug Yadav, a child of an engineer. The child went to a shop in the morning to buy chocolates as a gift for his father’s birthday. When he did not return till nighttime, the family reported the matter to the police. On investigation, the police found the body of the 6-year-old. 

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The child was killed by a 13-year-old school dropout who lived in the same neighborhood. The teenager is also known to be a drug addict. He stated to the police that Yug had mocked him. Under the influence of drugs and rage, he smashed Yug’s head with a rock. The accused teenager is a known thief. He stole a bicycle earlier to buy drugs. He is also known to have emotional outbursts that end with him throwing stones at strangers. The needless loss of young life has saddened the Yadav family as well as the neighborhood.

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The Nefarious Drug Nexus

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The loss of life is the ultimate crime. It becomes even more unforgivable if the victim is an innocent child. The gruesome death of Yug Yadav should alert Indian society to the influence drugs and contraband have on children. Moreover, the ease of availability of contraband in the black market has allowed the nefarious elements of society to use drugs as a measure to earn a quick buck. Their target is either high-powered youths or children of poor families. The rich children are a source for these anti-social elements to control and slowly access the families’ wealth through their addiction. However, the child of a poor family gets trapped in the endless cycle of drug abuse and drug supply.

The large population of India makes any security force seem inadequate and helpless. Thus, the youth of India become easy prey for the underground network and drug peddlers.

The international narco-politics network established in India during the British Era has placed India at the heart of the drug-producing and drug-disbursing network. Therefore, India’s black market is flooded with cheap as well as expensive contraband. The NIA and other forces attempt to seize drugs that are being transported to or through India; however, they are as yet impotent in the face of the rising drug addiction in India. 

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Role of Pakistan in India’s Youth Drug Addiction Issue

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The Pakistani regime’s motive has always been clear. They want to weaken the strength of India from within. This results in creating in-house unrest and terrorism through various NGOs and radical elements. However, they do not restrict themselves to armed riots and terror groups. The lost youth of Punjab is a testimony to how drugs from Pakistan have ruined an entire generation of Indians. A similar story is being repeated in Rajasthan, West Bengal, Manipur, Kerala, and Tripura. 

Indian border forces have frequently caught drugs via courier, boats, and drones from Pakistan. The Pakistani regime and other Islamic forces want India to reap a weak crop of youth. The corrupted youth will live a vicious cycle of drug addiction. Those who are rich shall be drained of their resources by the drug mafia, and those that are poor shall become their foot soldiers. The cycle of abuse shall continue endlessly.

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Is there a Solution?

Addressing teenage drug addiction in Indian families requires a multi-faceted approach. The authorities need to consider the specific challenges faced by them and the Indian communities. The Indian government needs to tighten the border, remove or restrict the radicals, and demolish the drug nexus from the root. However, this will take considerable planning, joint efforts by security forces, and time. Meanwhile, the government should consider providing accessible and affordable addiction treatment services. It should strengthen support networks and address the underlying socio-economic factors that contribute to drug addiction.

May no other parent in India have to see their child waste away due to addiction. Let no other parent lose their child to violence related to drugs. Indian society must gear up to deal with drug addiction as well as existing drug addicts. 

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