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Pakistani Links Discovered in Ghaziabad Conversion Racket

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The Indian authorities have been on a large-scale crackdown on radical Islamic modules and groomers. The various State police and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) are working to counter terrorism in India. Recently the UP police discovered a conversion racket by radical Islamists in Ghaziabad. This group of extremists misled underage teenage boys to convert to Islam via the ‘Fortnite’ gaming platform. A deeper investigation by the Ghaziabad police discovered Pakistani links to the Ghaziabad conversion racket of teenagers.  

Ghaziabad conversion case: Probe reveal Pakistan connection of mastermind Shahnawaz
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Pakistani Links of the Accused in Ghaziabad Conversion Racket

UP conversion case: UP conversion case: Prime accused Shahnawaz Khan's email's IP address found to be linked to Pakistan - The Economic Times Video | ET Now
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During the course of the investigation, the UP police uncovered the Pakistani links of the mastermind of the teen-conversion racket of Ghaziabad. The Maharashtra Police arrested the accused mastermind of the conversion racket, Shahnawaz aka Baddo, from Alibaug. His group targeted teenage Hindu and Jain boys through the online gaming platform Fortnite. Another accused of this case, Abdul Rehman a Maulvi, was also arrested from the local mosque in Ghaziabad.

Investigations reveal that Shahnawaz Khan operated 6 email IDs from two mobile phones. Two of these email IDs received emails from Pakistan.

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The two mobile phones had 20 Pakistani phone numbers saved. Currently, the police are investigating the seized CPU and other digital devices recovered from the accused. Moreover, the authorities are contemplating registering the case under NSA (National Security Act) against the primary accused Shahnawaz Khan.

Lesson for the Sleeping Sanatani

The recent rise in conversion rackets like the LoveJihad incidents, the dissemination of Dawah-to-Hindu documents, and the discovery of HuT’s module in India reveal the dark strategy of Islamic extremists. The teen-conversion racket can be viewed as a minor radical activity in isolation. However  a clear view of Ghazwa-e-Hind is exposed when all threads between the conversion rackets running in the country are linked. Radical Islamists under foreign directives are placing vulnerable youth and muddle-headed middle-aged Hindus at the crosshairs of conversion programs.

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The Sleeping Sanatanis should awaken to the reality that ‘peacefuls’ are trying to erase their Hindu identities from within their own nation. Although the local authorities are trying to restrict the rise of such conversions, the solution to this phenomenon does not lie in the imposition of Indian law. The faith of Hindus in their religion of birth is the only way to restrict the influence of Islamic extremists and radicals. The lack of understanding of Sanatana Dharma and its philosophy makes Hindus an easy prey for such conversion-minded rackets. Thus, this case underlines the need for the proactive rejuvenation of Sanatana Dharma among Sanatanis. Hindus must wholeheartedly embrace their religion and its practices, or else they may become a minority in the land of their forefathers.

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