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NIA Discovers the Anti-Hindu ‘Dawah To Hindus’ Campaign

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On the heels of the arrest of 16 radical Muslims by Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS), the National Investigation Agency (NIA) successfully conducted a raid in Jabalpur. This operation culminated in the arrest of 3 radical Islamists Syed Mamoor Khan, Mohammad Shahid, and Mohammad Adil Khan.

The NIA states these extremists were ready to conduct violent jihad against India in the nation. The radicals were actively recruiting and arming the youth to spread terror in the nation. These modules spread ‘hate’ towards Hinduism and Hindus. NIA confirms that the accused were in possession of sharp weapons, ammunition, incriminating print and digital documents, and several digital devices. Upon studying these materials, NIA states the accused are part of an ISIS-linked terror module that is responsible for the ‘Dawah To Hindu’ program. The extremists were propagating Hinduphobia through digital and print media. Their overall agenda was to turn India into an Islamic state by 2050 using anti-India and anti-Hindu literature.

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What is ‘Dawah To Hindus’?

Ideology of ‘Dawah to Hindus’

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The ‘Dawah To Hindus’ programme is an ISIS propaganda. It aims to convert Hindus using the  extended version of Chanakyaneeti “साम-दाम-दंड -भेद-भय-मोह-माया”. ISIS is training their extremists to use misinformation in the Age of Information. These radicals twist logic, myth, legend, and/or religion to spread Hinduphobia among Hindus.

One of the arrested radicals ran a YouTube channel that was solely dedicated to decimation of misinformation videos. The channel is linked back to the ‘Dawah To Hindus’ program website. The website itself was used for terror funding, where the received payments were usually from ISIS terrorists.

The YouTube channel, with more than 92,000 subscribers, promoted links to questionable literature like ‘Hukm Allah’ PDF document, ‘Man Made Law’ PDF document, “Dawah to Hindus” PDF document, etc.

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Dawah to Hindus Document

NIA seizes 'Dawah To Hindus' document from ISIS Jihadis with plan to turn India into Islamic nation
PC OpIndia

The ‘Dawah to Hindus’ document has more than 20 chapters in total. Allegedly the document makes a claim that India will be turned into Islamic state by 2050. The chapters of ‘Dawah’ promote the concept that many Indians are non-practicing Hindus and thus, they have lost faith in the Hindu Gods. Moreover, it spreads the distorted conversation on similarity between Islam and Hinduism based on blatant lies. The underlying text of this document is propagation of Hinduphobia among Hindus by using foul language to all Hindu Gods. Additionally, it portrays the four Vedas, the Upanishads, the Puranas, the Hindu epics of Mahabharat, Ramayana, and Manusmriti in a negative light. 

The document uses incendiary language for idol worship. Furthermore, it converts the idea of ‘Paramatma‘ as the universal god and cosmic consciousness into the Islam’s interpretation of God as Allah. Thereafter, the document spreads the false idea of oppression of women and children in Hinduism. It objectifies women, relates prostitution to Shivalinga, justifies child marriage, praises non-vegetarianism, exemplifies polygamy, and propagates jihad through misrepresenting Hindu texts and shlokas. Lastly, it states that all evils of Ramayana would have been cured if Maa Sita would have worn a Hijab.

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A Call to the Sleeping Hindus of India

The revelations of NIA should serve as a red herring to all sleeping Hindus of India. While Hindus feel safe in their cocoons of home and hearth, the radical Islamists are equipping themselves with misinformation to demolish the Sanatana Dharma. While modern Hindus shed their ‘Bhagwa Vastra’ to embrace western concepts; the extremists are arming themselves with many anti-Hindu programs. The radicals continue to scheme against Hindus using Love Jihad, Land Jihad, Minority Appeasement Tactics, Misinformation Campaigns, etc.

The Sleeping Sanatani are allowing Dharma to die at the hands of such radical elements by discontinuing the age-old practices of Hinduism. Under the aegis of orthodox dogma, the literati are asking women and men to question the religion of their birth. Such conversations make Hindus an easy catch for Islamic conversions. The non-practicing Hindu loses his roots. When such Hindus confront explosive anti-Hindu literature their lack of moorings steer them into the lap of such radical Islamists. 

Sanatana Dharma followers must answer this call of Karma. They must continue their religion, maintain their religious identity, and continue millennia old traditions of the Indic region. Or else Hindus may find Hinduism as a practice will be wiped out from the face of the earth. 

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