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Amazon’s Anti-Hindu Step Proves Their Hinduphobia

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Even though India is a high-return market for Amazon, Jeff Bezos has a subdued hatred for the country and its people. The Washington Post (a company owned by Jeff Bezos) continues to malign Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma, especially by attacking Hindus and Indian interests. India’s image continues to be slandered with brazenness by these international organizations, which must be addressed immediately. The Washington Post unnecessarily targeted Adani following the Hindenburg report, which shows how much anti-Indian hatred they seek to foster. Amazon has recently delisted a book on Modi, blatantly displaying its anti-Hindu bias.

Anti-Hindu Bias By Amazon

In a disturbing move and proving its Hinduphobia, Amazon has de-listed ‘Modi & Me: A Political Reawakening’ by analyst & author Saurav Dutt. It was stated that ‘Hindutva-themed literature’ could not be allowed on its platform. A tweet regarding the same was shared by the author:

A multinational corporation such as this wishes to slant the discourse/narrative in favor of its biased propaganda through digital colonization. By exploiting the people of the nation and disrespecting the emotions of the people, Amazon has misused its position in the Indian market. With this move, the platform has further fueled Hinduphobia and demonstrated how they can misuse their platform to silence Hindu voices. A major player in the e-book market, Amazon has declared Hindutva unacceptable, whereas the Washington Post absurdly whitewashed ISIS’ Baghdadi as an ‘austere religious scholar’…. if irony could die a thousand deaths!!!

‘Modi & Me: A Political Reawakening’ is a take on the incessantly growing global movement against Hindus and Sanatan Dharma by TIME magazine featured author and analyst Saurav Dutt. He argues for a reassertion of Dharmic and Indic values by the global Hindu diaspora against concerted attacks against Hindu culture, religion, and civilization.

Previously, the author observed Indian politics from the fence but became a keen observer after Modi became PM in 2014. He was deeply upset and disturbed by how the left media cabal and self-declared intelligentsia unabashedly promoted Hinduphobia. Indian vested interests wanted to portray India as a fascist nation and project Modi as unconcerned about the needs of the Abrahamic communities in India.

On the release of his book, Datt said, “It has become open season against Hindus, since 2014 it has become a sin to be proud of one’s Hindu faith and India’s place in the world. Indian left-wing ecosystems, well-funded ‘toolkits’, and Western supremacist narratives have all been deployed to depict Narendra Modi as ‘the brown Hitler’ and all his followers as ‘Bhakts’ or crazy religious zealots. It is time to embrace the fact that Hindus can be proud of who they are and where they’ve come from and that Modi’s rise to power is a major part in imbuing that sense of self and worth to a previously rudderless and confused Indian whose mind had been colonized.”


The book was published to halt the demonization of Hindus by the global leftist cabal. The primary reason is to ensure Hindus around the world do not feel ashamed of their rich Dharma. Deeper malice is evident in Amazon’s dirty propaganda to hurt Hindus. Datt has been supported by many people in lieu of this action;


Amazon has not delisted many books on its platform that promote and profess religious biases, but this move demonstrates how scared the e-commerce company is of India’s resurgence. A publicity gimmick of this fiendish nature, designed by Jeff Bezos’s controlled organization, won’t find favor among the people. It is high time we had an alternative, one that could challenge Amazon and its kind, so they wouldn’t have hegemony over any country or its people.




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