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Refuting the Anti-Hindu ‘The Diplomat’ and Ritumbra

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In a recent article in an international publication, ‘The Diplomat’, Ritumbra Manuvie and Alena Kahle have written a nefarious piece of bashing the current government of Bharat and eventually our Sanatan Dharma and symbols. Government of India is using every opportunity of their G20 presidency to highlight the greatness of Bharat and Sanatan Dharma. Actual facts that are indigestible to the most of the people working to denigrate Bharat and the oldest civilization’s glory is unbearable to them.

What is ‘The Diplomat’ and Who Is The Author?

The Diplomat acclaims itself to be a premier international magazine of current-affairs for the Asia-Pacific region which was launched in the year 2022. It puts forth itself as dedicated to quality analysis and commentary and so on. But the irony of the situation is outright opposite. They are neither quality-driven nor do they have any understanding of the country they are talking about.

(p.c.- the diplomat- screenshot)

If we talk about the authors of this despicable articles who are  Dr. Ritumbra Manuvie and Alena Kahle. Dr.Ritumbra is a senior researcher at the University of Groningen and specifically introduces herself as, working for a think tank, The London Story, ‘that documents hate speech and calls to violence against minorities in India’. This specific phraseology is enough to deduce the horoscope of human turned activists and intellectuals. Because after initiating into some kind of ‘Propaganda Manifestation Service Limited’, the capacity of human brain achieves the lowest level of evolution. Yes you are right, amoeba! That humble amoeba, please don’t take offence!!

(p.c. – researchgate)

Alena Kahle also works in the same think tank and does advocacy work with international organizations.

Forging  Bharat’s History

They are targeting the choice of symbols used throughout the advertisements of G20 by the Narendra Modi government and the motto of Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam is hardly akin to the ideology of these ‘social-justice activists’.

They are perturbed, that once the world gets to see the prison cell of Swatantrya Veer Savarkar, the British brutalities over the Bharat’s great son would surpass that of Hitler or Aurangzeb. Because, we know to whom they pay their allegiance to!

Veer Savarkar is one of the greatest sons of Bharat Mata and one true Bharatiya could never bear his insult. The article portrays him to be a “leading advocate for exclusionary Hindu nationalism”, because of their Abrahamic agendas. Such writers have failed even the law of existence that they can never understand the love of a son for his mother. How the aggrieved heart does bear the pain when his mother is exploited. So, understanding Savarkar is beyond their miniscule unicellular, body-cum-mind.

(p.c. – The Diplomat- screenshot)

These crypto-Islamists are so concerned about the ‘alienation’ of Sunni Islamic motifs from the website of G20 India, that they are moved to call Islam as the ‘SECOND LARGEST RELIGION’ of India! Yes, this is the way they can turn tables and use any narrative to their advantage, wherever and howsoever. But, ‘The Diplomat’ must know this time, that there are countries like Pakistan, Taliban-Afghanistan and Bangladesh where you will get eye-soaking Sunni-Islamic monuments and larger than life cultural symbols! (Yes, if they can find one). When the next time Pakistan or Turkey or for that matter any Sunni Islamic nation gets the presidency of the G20 you can gleefully march through the Mecca or Kaaba or the beautiful streets of Islamabad. While they are too much bothered by the demolition of illegal mazars in Uttar Pradesh they have no other way to find one temple in neighbour Pakistan or Bangladesh.

While they claim that Indian government is deliberately portraying Hindu ideals and working in tandem with Hindu Nationalist cultural diplomacy, they have no idea that every nation portrays their past and history with the same vigour. Bharat is a land of diversity, and not when the plunderers entered this land, but Diversity is at the core of Dharma. Diversity is not concocted or man-made, respecting diversity is respecting and worshipping nature. Which we Hindus are infused with.


While the author, Ritumbra has also got published one of her articles in ‘The Print’ titled, Why India is home to millions of refugees but doesn’t have a policy for them (2019).

Bharat is currently chairing the Group of Twenty (G-20), an organization that brings together the world’s twenty largest economies. Right now, with their lies and malicious agendas being exposed one by one, the Leftist-Christian-Islamist gang has no choice but to spout venom against anything and everything that stands in their way.

The world’s consistent efforts to denigrate and bash Hindutva and Sanatan Dharma show just how committed they are to this goal. This dishonest attempt by self-proclaimed academics and thinkers will be stomped out with more knowledge and vigour than they would have ever expected.




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