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UK PM Rishi Sunak Takes A Bold Stand on “Ghuspethiye”

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Rishi Sunak made a loud and clear declaration of sovereignty by taking a bold stand against the scourge of illegal immigration. In a public statement, the UK PM announced a no-nonsense approach to tackling this pressing issue head-on. He says “No ifs, no buts – These flights are going to Rwanda.” The mass deportation of illegal immigrants will help the UK reclaim control of its nation. Let’s compare the situation of UL and Bharat with a ‘Ghuspethiye’ perspective! 

The Strength of Resolve: Determination of PM Rishi Sunak

Illegal Migration Bill | Anne-Marie Trevelyan
PC Anne-Marie Trevelyan

With steely resolve, PM Rishi Sunak made it clear that no foreign court will be able to stop the flights from getting off the ground. He and his administration passed the Rwanda Immigration Bill and the next few weeks will see the UK implement its deportation plan. The move underscores the UK government’s commitment to ‘STOP THE BOATS’ and protecting its citizens’ rights. Rishi Sunak affirmed to the media that illegal immigrants will be swiftly and decisively removed from UK soil soon.

In preparation for this successful deportation, the UK government has left no stone unturned. The runway is ready, civil aircraft have been booked, and 500 trained personnel are standing ready to ‘escort’ illegal immigrants to Rwanda. On the other side of this deportation, Rwanda cooperated with the UK government. Why? Because no other nation wanted this job! The nation has asylums and laws in place to help the deported illegal immigrants find security without endangering the nation itself. Rishi Sunak’s message is clear – the doors of the UK are closed for ‘Ghupethiye.’

And it will only cost the host nation, the UK,  $665 million to deport the first 300 asylum seekers. 

A Strained Economy: The Cost of Illegal Immigration

Irregular migration from North Africa: Shifting local and regional dynamics  - Atlantic Council
PC Atlantic Council

Illegal immigrants pose a significant burden on the resources of any nation. They drain the public funds and strain social institutions to their breaking point. From healthcare to education, the impact of illegal immigration is felt harshly and strongly. Add to the mix, the impact on law & order and national security and you have a recipe for disaster.

The employment and housing sectors also face a unique set of problems due to the presence of illegal immigrants. Squatters and illegal residents mark a hazard to home security. Cheap yet unreliable labor makes the industrial sector suffer. Consequently, unwelcome and illegal immigrants are like a flock of locusts. They drain the economy of the host nation and pose a threat to the security of the residents.

In conclusion, illegal immigrants are a nightmare for any administration. They are loose missiles that do not integrate with the values of their host nation. And they are a burden to the economy. Even first-world nations like the UK are unable to support this burden for a long time. Fortunately for them, Rwanda can act as a dumping ground.

The UK will finally be able to STOP THE BOATS!!

Bharat’s ‘Ghuspethiye’ Problem 

Bharat plans border wall to prevent illegal immigration from Myanmar
PC Janam TV English

In his recent speech in Banswara, PM Modi also referred to intruders of Bharat as ‘Ghuspethiye.’ The LE-LI gang and the misinformation factory Zoo-wala-Bear tried to twist the word to imply Muslims. However, the term ‘Ghuspethiye’ is used to refer to illegal immigrants or intruders on the land of Bharat. Unfortunately, in Bharat, certain state governments allow illegal immigrants like Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and Rohingyas as illegal immigrants. The UN’s request to shelter the Rohingyas was denied by Bharat.

However, our Dayalu Mamata Di granted them refuge and home to them despite clear instructions from the Union government.

Furthermore, these ‘Ghuspethiye’ are even offered forged Aadhar Cards and Voter IDs. Why? So that they can enjoy the benefits meant for legal citizens. This way they are a ‘paltu mob’ of certain political parties that can be used to impede progress and instill fear in law-abiding citizens. Example: Sandeshkhali attack on women and ED!

Rishi Sunak’s UK and Bharat Have A Common Problem

United Kingdom to include India in its 'safe states' list; What does it  mean for illegal migrants from India? | Mint
PC The MInt

Bharat’s ‘Ghuspethiye’ problem is a multifaceted nightmare. Firstly, it is difficult to deport these illegal immigrants when the state government is non-cooperative. Secondly, it is difficult with the UN and other bodies making it a human rights issue. Finally, any law like the NRC meant to identify and deport these illegals is heavily contested by opposing parties in fear of losing their illegal vote bank. 

Thus, the solution for the UK is simple, just pay to export them to another nation. For Bharat, the resultant political shockwaves are making it a challenge to seal the borders and secure the rights of its citizens. While Both nations have a ‘Ghuspethiye’ issue, only one is powerful enough to pay for its solution.

As the UK takes decisive action to address the issue of illegal immigration under PM Rishi Sunak, it opens a door for Bharat to follow suit. As the UK sends a clear message to the world, it allows Bharat to also tell the world that CAA, NRC, and our borders are not open to your debaters.

Thus, Bharat should vote wisely in this election. Why? To choose those leaders that support CAA and NRC. To elect a strong leadership that can commit to the nation’s security. And finally, to ensure that those who dream of repealing 370 and CAA are never able to hold their heads high in the Indian Parliament again. Shove the UK’s actions in the face of the Le-Li gang and Toolkit, and ask if it is okay for Bharat’s to do the same now?! 

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