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Roti Rage: ‘Peacefuls’ Murder Dalit Hindu Boy In Karnataka

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While fresh news is still pouring in after the Neha Hiremath Murder in Karnataka, a new tragedy has struck the state. A Hindu boy, of the SC community, lost his life over a petty dispute on Rotis. The Tech Hub became the Tanker Hub under the Congress administration. However, it seems that it will soon become the nation’s Terror Hub where Hindus of all castes will cower before the ‘peacefuls’ supported by the CON party! Let’s talk!

Dalit Hindu Murdered By Roti Kendra ‘Peacefuls’

Yadgir Hindu youth Rakesh was killed by Fayaz gang after Hubballi Neha Hiremath murder sat

22-year-old Rakesh lost his life in Yadgir, Karnataka. The incident occurred on Sunday in Shantinagar where two ‘peacefuls’ Fayaz and Asif took the life of a Hindu boy due to a small altercation. Some reports state that the police tried to suppress the incident. However, the BJP wing put pressure on them to register the FIR and follow through with the case!

As per the FIR filed by the police, Rakesh had visited ‘peaceful’ Fayaz’s Roti Kendra in Shanti Nagar to purchase rotis. However, even when Kendra was all out of stock, Rakesh was verbally abused by Fayaz. Incensed by the mistreatment, Rakesh questioned why Fayaz was running a Roti Kendra if he could not provide the Rotis! Thereafter, Rakesh left for home.

Verbal Abuse Turns Into Fatal Encounter

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PC Vistara News

Tragically, this seemingly minor altercation did not end at the Roti Kendra. The ‘peacefuls’ stewed in the insult after the confrontation. Soon Fayaz and Asif visited Rakesh’s residence that day. Without any provocation, they physically assaulted Rakesh and ultimately strangled him to death. The police FIR clearly outlines the sequence of events. The poor Dalit Hindu boy became a victim of senseless ‘peaceful’ violence in Congress-ruled Karnataka.

Legal Hurdles For Dalit Justice

The victim’s Dalit family is devastated by the loss of their son. They seek justice for Rakesh’s untimely demise. Reports state that the police dragged their feet over the murder. Some state that the authorities were trying to suppress the incident. However, the BJP and Hindu activists came forward to ensure that the complaint was lodged with the Town Police. A Kannada news report states that the police sent the body for post-mortem after 18 hours. The public pressure ensured that the case has been registered under Sections related to SC/ST Act to gain maximum penalty for the two accused.

Points to Ponder

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The brutal murder of Dalit Hindu Rakesh is another mark of shame for Karnataka. It serves as a grim reminder that ‘freebies’ are never free. Like Neha Hiremath, Rakesh paid the price of free bus rides with his life! Many other Kannadiga report an increase in nuisance value incidents in the state. Seemingly inconsequential instances spiral into ferocious disputes with ‘peacefuls’. Why? Do they feel secure to reveal their vile side under the ‘chattra chhaya’ of Congress? Is the ‘peaceful’ community filling its youth with Hindu hatred that is bearing fruit now? Who Knows!

A clear look at the Karnataka model highlights the sheer incompetence of the CON party administration. The excessive GDP state turned bankrupt! Moreover, in their efforts to fund their poll promises, the party has turned ‘Tech Hub’ Karnataka into ‘Tanker Hub’ and ‘Hindu-Terror Hub’! With every day revealing another Hinduphobic incident, the people of Bharat should ask if the demography is the same then why are blasts, murder, and violence rising in the state?

Dalit Hindu Rakesh’s death should teach the Hindus of Bharat an important lesson. For the ‘peacefuls,’ every Hindu is a Kafir irrespective of their caste or language! In the cases of Neha and Rakesh, only Hindu activists helped the family. Congress was busy whitewashing the incidents! Therefore, go out and vote for Bharat! Because each right vote ensures that Hindus are saved from economic, social, and political oppression in the land of their forefathers!


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