Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Crime in Karnataka

89 Crore Valmiki Corporation Scam: Does Corruption Flourish Under CONgress?!

The ₹89 crore Valmiki Corporation Scam exposes the deep-rooted corruption within the CONgress-led government in Karnataka. This scandal highlights the misappropriation of funds meant...

Islamist Mob Vandalizes Channagiri Police Station in Karnataka

In a disturbing incident in Channagiri town, located in Davanagere district, Karnataka, an Islamist mob vandalized the local police station and torched multiple police...

Roti Rage: ‘Peacefuls’ Murder Dalit Hindu Boy In Karnataka

While fresh news is still pouring in after the Neha Hiremath Murder in Karnataka, a new tragedy has struck the state. A Hindu boy,...

Lawlessness Reigns In Karnataka As Son of BJP Leader Is Murdered!

In a chilling display of violence, the tranquil city of Gadag-Betageri, Karnataka, descended into chaos as the blood of innocence stained its streets. The...

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