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Two Faces of Ayodhya: The Disbeliever MP and The Devout Ram Bhakt

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Ayodhya, the revered birthplace of Lord Ram, has witnessed a historic and heart-wrenching political upheaval. The defeat of BJP’s Lallu Singh by Samajwadi Party’s Awadhesh Prasad, a nine-time MLA and SP founder member, has sent shockwaves across the nation.

जिस राम मंदिर का पीटा डंका उसी अयोध्या-फैजाबाद ने दी मोदी-योगी को चोट, इन 5 कारणों से हारी BJP - Why and how BJP lost from Ayodhya Faizabad Lok Sabha seat These

Prasad, hailing from the Pasi community, became the only Dalit leader to win from a non-reserved constituency, a remarkable feat indeed. However, his victory was not because Ayodhya Hindus did not vote. It was because Ayodhya is only 1 of the 5 regions under Faizabad constituencies. Let’s take a look at the two faces of Ayodhya in MP Prasad’s remarks and actions since victory and the Hindu Ram Bhakt

Faizabad Not Ayodhya: A Controversial Victory in the Land of Ram

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The Faizabad constituency encompasses the sacred city of Ayodhya. This Lok Sabha seat has a significant population of Muslims and Yadavs. These demographics played a crucial role in Prasad’s victory. All Hindus in the district did not unite under Shri Ram’s flag for the BJP. The Yadav votes combined with the Muslim votes to ensure a loss for BJP.

The BJP’s Lallu Singh’s vote share did not reduce in Faizabad’s Ayodhya.

In fact, it increased by a few thousands.

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However, the INDI-Alliance played a game of numbers. They combined their Muslim and Yadav votes to ensure that the votes of Ayodhya Ram Bhakts had no value or power. And after the results were announced, it was evident in the media bytes of the newly elected MP Awadhesh Prasad.

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The SP leader basked in his victory and greeted local leaders who placed a “Jai Shri Ram” dupatta and shawl on him. He accepted these to not humiliate the ones who had presented this item. In an interview a reporter tried to present him as Ram Bhakt due to the dupatta draped on his shoulder. However, MP Prasad hastily clarified that he wore the shawl to avoid hurting sentiments. Furthermore, he emphatically declared, “Ram is not my ideology. SP’s ideology is not this.” Thus, the misfortune of Ayodhya is that it will be under the care of an MP from a anti-Hindu party. They do not believe in the Ram Mandir or Ram Janambhoomi that was won after a 500-year struggle.

A Sad Day for Ayodhya

MP Prasad’s statement is a stark contrast to the sentiments of Ayodhya’s devout Hindus and Sadhus. Despite the vote bank staying intact, the Hindus of Ayodhya are being presented as Ram Drohi. Media is building a narrative that the BJP tore down the homes of the innocent to make a new Mahal for Ram Lalla! However, the patient Hindu keyboard warrior is waiting for the government to come forth and explain itself. Why? Because they want to understand if this was the truth or only another narrative spread by the Le-Li gang.

People from Lord Ram’s birthplace are being vilified and the Congress supporters are enjoying the show. The sight of an MP from Ayodhya dismissing the very essence of the city’s spiritual significance is hurting the atman of the Sanatanis across Bharat. It is a sad day for Ayodhya Vasi, where they bear the blame for rejecting PM Modi. The BJP election loss is being equated to the betrayal of Ma Sita by the heartless Praja of Shri Ram! Unfortunately, people’s representative of Prabhu Shri Ram’s Janmabhoomi would feel the need to clarify and distance himself from the deity that embodies the city’s heart and soul.

Heartbroken Hindus and Sadhus

On the other side of this political divide, Sadhus from Ayodhya are disillusioned and disheartened. One has been inconsolable since hearing the news of BJP’s loss. For him, the rejection of the BJP is equal to the rejection of Ma Sita in Treta Yuga from this very land. His words are impassioned as he feels that Ram Bhakts all over the world were shamed by this verdict. In another video, he is seen stating a vow to eat when he hears Modi taking the oath as Prime Minister on TV. Such is his pain and heartbreak!

Similarly, other sadhus are also accepting of the people’s mandate but show deep regret that countless devotees were unable to rise above caste politics to favor Modi and the BJP. They view them as steadfast champions of Hindu rights and sentiments. And the SP, with the blood of Ram Bhakts on their hands, shall run the region is a thing of shame for them.

The Two Faces of Ayodhya and Bharat

Faizabad’s Ayodhya today stands alone to face the anger of BJP supporters. Why? Because for them the Land of Ram has two faces and two realities. On one side, there is an MP who, despite standing on the sacred birthplace of Ram, dismisses the deity as not being part of his ideology. And on the other side are the innocent devouts and Sadhus, whose faith in Lord Ram and the leadership of Modi remains unshaken. They recognize that the BJP has been instrumental in the fight for the recognition and reverence of Hindu heritage.

Similarly, the Hindus in Bharat are divided into two groups categories. One is laughing in the face of Ram Bhakts and the Ayodhya Ram Mandir. And the other who is spewing hate on Ayodhya’s people on social media. However, Hindus should remember two things:

धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः।

Dharma protects those who protect it.

होइहि सोइ जो राम रचि राखा। को करि तर्क बढ़ावै साखा॥

Everything happens with the will of Prabhu Shri Ram, there’s no point debating about it.

The fate of Ayodhya and the broader Hindu community lies in the hands of those who continue to believe, fight, and uphold the principles of Dharma. The defeat in Ayodhya is a call to unite and not divide. Let us all reaffirm faith, and work towards a future where the values and heritage of Sanatan Dharma are revered and protected. Jai Shri Ram!

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