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Mumbai Police Crack Down on Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants

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In a major crackdown on illegal immigration, the Mumbai Police have arrested nine Bangladeshi women and a local shelter provider in Mira Road. The arrests were made during raids conducted in the Shanti Nagar and Gita Nagar areas, following a tip-off about the illegal stay of the Bangladeshi nationals.

The Arrests

Acting swiftly, the Naya Nagar police raided the premises and apprehended the nine women from Bangladesh. They were found to be residing in India without valid documents, violating the provisions of the Passport Act and Foreigners Act. Additionally, a local woman who had provided shelter to the illegal immigrants was also taken into custody.

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Charges and Investigation

The police have initiated legal proceedings against the accused. They face charges under the Indian Penal Code, the Passport Act, and the Foreigners Act. Moreover, authorities are actively searching for the owner of the house where the illegal immigrants were residing.

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Cracking the Whip on Illegal Stay

The arrests highlight the Mumbai Police’s commitment to curbing illegal immigration. According to an official statement, the tip-off led to the raid, which unveiled the illegal stay of the Bangladeshi women. Consequently, the law enforcement agencies acted promptly, apprehending the women and their local accomplice.

Tightening the Noose

While the nine Bangladeshi women and the shelter provider are in custody, the investigation continues. The authorities are determined to track down the house owner, who is currently wanted in the case. This move underscores the Mumbai Police’s resolve to root out the entire network facilitating illegal immigration.

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Upholding Law and Order

The Mumbai Police have sent a strong message through this operation. They remain vigilant against any activities that threaten the country’s security and sovereignty. By taking decisive action, the law enforcement agencies have demonstrated their commitment to upholding the law and maintaining law and order.

The arrests made in Mira Road exemplify the Mumbai Police’s proactive approach in addressing the issue of illegal immigration. As the investigation unfolds, it is expected that more details will emerge, shedding light on the extent of the illegal network. Meanwhile, the authorities remain resolute in their efforts to ensure that such activities are curtailed effectively.

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