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A Tale of Bangladeshi MP, Skinned, Bones Shattered & Minced Flesh in Kolkata

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The city of Kolkata was plunged into shock and horror with the unfolding details of the brutal murder of Anwarul Azim Anwar, a Bangladeshi MP. What began as a mysterious disappearance turned into a nightmarish tale of violence. It was revealed by sources within the West Bengal Crime Investigation Department.

What Happened To The Bangladeshi MP?

Individuals meticulously planned and executed the gruesome murder of Anwarul Azim Anwar. The alleged mastermind is Akhtaruzzaman. He is purportedly a friend of the MP and a US citizen. Akhtaruzzaman orchestrated the crime from his rented accommodation in Kolkata. Jihad Hawladar was recruited for the act. Jihad is a skilled butcher from Bangladesh’s Khulna district.

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CID sources revealed chilling details. Anwarul Anwar suffocated at an apartment in Kolkata’s New Town area. The perpetrators subjected his body to unimaginable cruelty. They skinned it and shattering his bones into fragments. They then disposed of the remains in various locations across the city. It was a bid to erase any trace of the crime.

During interrogation, Jihad Hawladar confessed to his involvement along with four other accomplices. All are reportedly Bangladeshi nationals driven by a significant financial incentive.

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The case took a sinister turn with the revelation that the apartment where the murder occurred was rented under the guise of accommodating a friend of the MP.

Timeline Of The Events

The timeline leading to the discovery of the crime is deeply unsettling. Anwarul Anwar, a three-time MP, traveled to Kolkata for medical treatment. His disappearance on May 13 immediately alarmed his associates and family. Despite efforts to trace his whereabouts, the CID recently made significant breakthroughs in the case, apprehending key suspects.

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This murder’s implications reverberate beyond borders, raising serious questions about security. Earlier, officials had considered the possibility of gold smuggling. The governments of Bangladesh and India closely monitor developments as officials tirelessly piece together the remaining details and endeavor to locate Anwarul Anwar’s body.

Anwarul Anwar’s tragic disappearance and murder highlight significant challenges in ensuring cross-border security.

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