Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Kanwar Yatra Controversy: Sonu Sood Misuses Ram Naam!

Sonu Sood takes center stage in the online war regarding CM Yogi's orders in Uttar Pradesh. The annual pilgrimage of Kanwar Yatra is a...

Honesty or Nazi Discrimination? The Kanwar Yatra Controversy

The Kanwar Yatra begins on 22nd July 2024. However, an administrative request in Muzaffarnagar has become the eye of a stormy controversy. The Muzaffarnagar...

Two Faces of Ayodhya: The Disbeliever MP and The Devout Ram Bhakt

Ayodhya, the revered birthplace of Lord Ram, has witnessed a historic and heart-wrenching political upheaval. The defeat of BJP's Lallu Singh by Samajwadi Party’s...

Congress Ki Guarantee And The Gullible UP Voters!

The Congress led INDIA bloc's surprise success in Uttar Pradesh has set the stage for a hilarious aftermath. Women in Lucknow are now queuing...

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