Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Why the Likes of Arundhati Roy are Threat for the Nation?

Recently, the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi granted permission to prosecute novelist Arundhati Roy in connection with a case dating back to 2010. This decision...

Arrogant Samajwadi Party Crowns Awadhesh Prasad As King of Ayodhya?

The loss of Ayodhya has been haunting the BJP and its NDA Alliance since 4th June 2024. The Faizabad MP Awadhesh Prasad makes a...

Two Faces of Ayodhya: The Disbeliever MP and The Devout Ram Bhakt

Ayodhya, the revered birthplace of Lord Ram, has witnessed a historic and heart-wrenching political upheaval. The defeat of BJP's Lallu Singh by Samajwadi Party’s...

Ayodhya’s Seat Loss ft Veer Savarkar’s “Hindus Against Hinduism”

Veer Savarkar was a pivotal figure in India's struggle for independence and a staunch proponent of Hindutva. Savarkar's multifaceted legacy includes his contributions as...

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